Easy Vegan Lunches To Make While Working From Home

Happy World Vegan Day! Now more than ever it is important that we look after ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually, which is why we are gonna check in with you every week and share some tips and tricks to help you feel as normal as possible during these testing times. To celebrate World Vegan Day, we are gonna give you some deets on easy vegan lunches that you can make while working from home. Get ready to fuel your body and mind up with some veggie goodness, girl! From quick vegan lunch recipes with staples that you’ll already have in your cupboard to vegan alternatives on some of your favourite lunch time meals, you’re about to become the queen of healthy vegan lunches!

Roasted Vegetables And Rice 

5 a day keeps the procrastination away! If you are struggling to stay focused while working from home (we feel ya babe), then making sure you are filling your body with delicious vegetables can help you stay productive. If you’re lacking in the vegan lunch ideas department then roasted vegetables and rice is always a good choice. An easy vegan lunch that can be whipped up in 10 minutes and used as leftovers, this will quickly become one of your go-to vegan lunches to make while working from home. All you need to do is chop up your veggies, season them and then pop them in the oven!


What you’ll need


1 tin of drained chickpeas

1 garlic clove (chopped)

1 red onion (sliced)

1 red pepper deseeded and sliced

1 sliced aubergine


Salt & Pepper

Once your vegetables are roasted, serve them with a bowl of rice and some vegan sriracha mayo on top and your healthy vegan lunch is good to eat, babe.

Tofu Scrambled Eggs

If you are in need of some vegan lunch ideas to whip up while you work from home then you need to try out scrambled tofu, the perfect vegan alternative for scrambled eggs, a brunch classic. A super easy and quick vegan meal to make that is high in protein and yummy AF, you will love this lunchtime favourite.

What you’ll need


Sliced tofu

Turmeric Powder

Salt and pepper

Fresh Parsley

Brown seeded bread

All you need to do is scramble up your tofu, add in as much turmeric powder, salt and pepper as you would like, fry on a pan with some oil and then serve up with some brown seeded bread and fresh parsley. Or add it to your vegan brunch along with some veggie sausages, avocado and mushrooms. Scrambled tofu is deffo’ a game changer when it comes to healthy vegan lunch ideas for working from home.

Tofu Lunch Bagel

We love an easy vegan lunch recipe and now that the majority of us are working from home again, it gives us a little more time to try out new vegan ideas for a midday meal. Both protein packed and filling AF, this quick vegan lunch will set you up for an afternoon of productivity and focus. You’ve got this, doll!

What you’ll need


1 bagel

1 avocado

Diced tofu

1 red onion

Vegan mayonnaise


1 tsp of turmeric for tofu

½ tsp of coconut oil for frying tofu

All you need to do is season your tofu with some turmeric and fry it up with coconut oil, lightly toast your bagel and then add on everything else! When it comes to easy vegan lunch recipes, a tofu lunch bagel is deffo’ an elite choice, hun.

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