Your November Horoscope

Remember, remember...your monthly horoscope for November! Whilst we may have swapped tea dresses for chunky knits, and mild evenings for, quite frankly, f*cking freezing ones, it’s officially Scorpio season! Find out what our trusty cosmos have to offer this month when you check out our accurate monthly horoscope designed to help level up your November. Stock up on personalised zodiac readings set to charge you up for a simply fabulous month, just in time for Christmas. Looking for horoscopes? Whether it’s a Leo love horoscope you’ve come to for guidance on how to deal with that f*ck boy, or you’re wanting to read your Scorpio monthly horoscope to help amplify your special month, our constellations know exactly what’s up. Prepare to slay the season of intensity when you read our November horoscope 2020.

Reflecting on 2020 got you feeling like you just need, well, a break? Though you’re probably feeling helpless AF when it comes to just getting away, rest assured you’re not alone. Whilst your life may have plateaued slightly (we wish the virus would too), it’s still possible to experience something new. Now’s a really great time to think about starting a new hobby. Whether that’s reading, exercise or something more crafty, be sure to get creative with your time! Since this month is set to be pretty empowering for you, Aries, you shouldn’t be surprised that your relationships with friends and family are blossoming more than ever. In the midst of taking time to yourself (and starting your new hobby or project) make time for those closest to you. Say ‘yes’ to that Zoom call with your squad, or call upon a relative that could be feeling lonely. You’re a ray of positive energy this month, so make the most of it!

According to your Taurus horoscope, you should expect tons of fresh opportunities heading your way this month. Whilst they will most likely challenge you to leave your comfort zone, it’s super important not allow negative feelings to take over. If you start feeling overwhelmed, take time out to practice yoga or meditate, and remember that these changes could be the positive opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Your friends are your family and whilst you’d do practically anything for them, like turn into the FBI to find their ex man’s new girl, you should never compromise yourself or your feelings. Speak out against things you don’t agree with and never ignore your needs. If you need time to recharge this month, be prepared to RSVP to self-love with a facemask, a glass of wine and your fave Netflix show.

As one of the most bubbly zodiac signs it’s fair to say that your diary is often overflowing with plans and meet ups. But according to your November Gemini horoscope, that could be about to change. Though you’ll still be as chatty as ever - I mean, you are a Gemini, right? - you may be feeling slightly withdrawn this month. It could be you’ve taken on too much, or you could be just prioritising some much needed ‘you’ time, not that any one can blame you! Though you’re likely to be taking a little time out this month and spending more time on YOU (most likely in a warm bubble bath and face mask), we predict you’ll still need your girls. Whether it’s a Zoom quiz or a Facetime with your bestie, after all that self-reflection, you’re bound to need company. And let’s face it, is there anything better than your squad when it comes to guaranteed laughs?

If things have been feeling a little strewn all over the place lately, then you’re in luck, Cancer! The trusty cosmos tell us that your November horoscope is going to bring together all those loose ends that have been stopping you from reaching your excellence. Cue tons of positive cosmic energy and expect to be overflowed with tons of creativity, romance and good vibes this month, girl. Whether you’re looking to start something new with a potential bae, or are feeling like a lil party (from your home of course) then you’re about to be RSVP-ing to all those Zoom invites! This month is all about seizing those opportunities, so be sure to stay open minded and flexible when it comes to making decisions. That being said, you’re going to have to be pretty organized if you’re to juggle all of what life throws at you. Take time to establish a routine, or have a go at creating a new one, ‘coz every boss babe has to have a plan.

Get ready to shake off all those negative vibes this month, Leo, and prepare to channel all kinds of brave and bold energy. With the last few months making you feel like you’ve had a lot of false starts, your Leo horoscope suggests that’s all about to change. Let your creative juices flow, boo, and allow yourself to propel in the right direction. From that big project you’ve been planning, to finally overcoming that challenge - congrats, BTW - you’ll be making some seriously confident decisions this month that are bound to put you one step closer to the end goal. Add some fierce accessories to your workspace to help encourage you if you find your mind is drifting. Whether it’s a framed quote or some pictures of your nearest and dearest, you’ll definitely be reminded of that kind of person you are and the person you want to become. All work and no play? Not round here! Have a DMC with your long-term bae, or if you’re single, hit up Tinder and allow time for a lil romance. You’ve got this!

Been feeling a little down in the dumps this month, Virgo? There’s a reason for that! The unfortunate alignment of the planets means that it’s possible that miscommunications and stagnant waters have left you feeling disheartened in more ways than one. Luckily, according to your Virgo horoscope, that’s all about to change. By the middle of the month Mars and Mercury will be moving forward again - YAY - meaning you can bank on some positive action to take place. Try to overcome that stubborn trait - that Virgos are notorious for having FYI - and invite honest and open conversations about your feelings. Transform any negative vibes into creativity and allow yourself to project the best version of you - not that it’s too difficult for you, Virgo! Everyone has their own opinions, so don’t get too caught up questioning your own. Slay with confidence this month and you’ll be just fine!

It’s likely the past week or so you’ve been feeling totally misaligned, and that’s totally fine! Whilst you’re always striving for the ultimate balance in both your professional life and personal, it’s still possible that a few bumps in the road may emerge now and again. It certainly hasn’t been easy for you, Libra, which is why it’s important to slowly ease yourself back into the swing of things. Keep an eye on those finances, Libra! Delve into the thinking behind your spending habits and hone in on what it is that could be preventing you from reaching financial success! Now could be a great time to save some cash, especially since Zoom calls are gonna be your new meet-up. Forget those dinners out at your fave eateries and plan a few socially-distanced plans with the squad. Since you’ve been unusually unsocial this month, you’ll be more than happy to transition back into the social butterfly you really are!

As one of the most intense signs of the zodiac, it’s true that you feel things deeply, and no thanks to the global pandemic, it’s likely that most of those feelings have probably been negative. But, it is officially your birthday-month - happy birthday, girl - and Mars and Mercury are back en-route meaning your month is expected to get better (amen). If your mind has been feeling a little overwhelmed with ideas and potential projects, your Scorpio horoscope suggests that you take time to sit down and make plans. Sure, sometimes you’ll be able to pull off something spontaneous, but it never hurts to think ahead. Make a list of how you can amplify yourself for the rest of the year and write a list of things you want to achieve. Is it financial stability? Or are you questioning where it is you want to be? Unearthing what you really want is key to helping you focus that powerful energy on something beneficial to you. It’s all about working smart this month, Scorpio.

Optimistic, adventurous and downright restless, the pandemic has been hard for you, Sagittarius. You’re usually off galavanting on your latest adventure and changing the world - or at least trying to. That being said, it never hurt anyone to slow the F down. Often you can be off on a tangent, in other words, looking for the next big challenge, but a little self-reflection can go a long way. And with your birthday just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about how you can further your growth and enhance your potential. How can you be the best version of you? Get creative with your ideas, draw up a brainstorm and simply allow your mind to wander to the depths of your soul. Use your time wisely and prepare yourself for the mega moments that’ll allow you to shine in December. Sometimes you’ve just gotta put the groundwork in and the rest will take care of itself.

This year has no doubt been a massive strain, but the good news is that it’s almost over and your prospects (personally and professionally) seem to be looking up. Whether you’ve been working on developing your skills - go you - are looking for work, or have done a full 180 on your career, your drive and ambition will always mean you’re never going to fail, Capricorn, even when you experience setbacks. Knowing how to deal with negative experiences truly does make you stronger which is why your Capricorn horoscope for November suggests you’ll be experiencing some kind of awakening. It's time to let go of those unnecessary dramas that you have found yourself caught up in and embrace what it is your soul is searching for. Your monthly horoscope reckons you’re going to be feeling pretty intuitive, so be sure to acknowledge these hints and allow yourself to soar!

Ok, so this year hasn’t exactly gone to plan, but that doesn’t mean we’re just about to sit back and take it! After a few slow starts and stunted projects, according to your Aquarius horoscope, you’re going to have an influx of energy this month. Finally figured out the direction you want your life to take? Or are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? Whatever it is that’s been roaming around your mind, now is a good time to put it into action. Start a new hobby, get in touch with old friends (socially distanced of course) and try to discover yourself in ways you never have before. Practice meditation and leave time for some serious self-love. Whether that’s throwing on a face mask, or having a few Zoom drinks with the squad, this month is all about being in tune with yourself.

Somehow you always manage to stay positive, and we want to know just how do you do it, Pisces? With the world in disarray, you still maintain a glow-getter attitude and are not one to give up easily, and isn’t that what makes you so successful? Whilst the start of November will be helping you enhance your creativity (and a lot of it at that), by the middle of the month you’ll be seeing a few returns in all the hard work you’ve been putting in. Major events within your personal or professional life may take place, but that’s nothing to worry about! Whether you bag your dream job, secure a promotion, or if you’re single, enter a new relationship, the sky really is the limit, so don’t give up now. You’re in inspiration to your squad, so be sure to encourage, influence and celebrate your amazing achievements! After all, your legacy is all about YOU!

Ready to start the penultimate month with a bang? Now you know exactly what your November monthly horoscope has in store, prepare to make some serious waves this month, girl. You glow harder when your ‘drobe is on point, babe, so stock up on our New In and get hot on fresh garms before they even hit the ‘gram.

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