Evening Skincare Routine

Long gone are the days when we’d throw on our Maybelline matte mousse foundation under layers of blush and those famous ‘Scouse’ brows. Like fashion, beauty trends are constantly changing, and 2020 has seen a rise in a new kind of beauty trend - the ‘natural glow’. With companies creating less harsh products to help us achieve that Insta-finish, skincare brands like Glossier and Kiehls are the ones that are really smashing this trend - I mean, it is in their entire branding, right? From promises of that glass skin seen on Youtube, to products said to help you master that healthy and natural glow without a foundation brush in sight, it’s time to get back to the basics and secure that youthful looking skin with our night skincare routine. To help you create the best skincare routine (if that 10 step korean skincare routine just isn’t cutting it for you), we’ve rounded up some easy skincare tips and simple skincare steps to help you achieve that natural glow. Check out our go-to evening skincare routine.

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Congrats! You made it through a day in the life of an adult in 2020, surely that deserves some celebration? We’re so on board with the phrase ‘skin care is self care’ this year, and what better way to relax after a long day adult-ing than securing some guaranteed ‘you’ time? A night skincare routine doesn’t have to be a chore, in fact, it can actually be quite relaxing. With jade face rollers and face massages you can do from home, along with top skincare products for helping you achieve that radiant glow, you can be sure to make a habit of this face routine.


Whilst it’s no doubt tempting to take off your makeup with a makeup wipe - we’re all guilty - this is actually incredibly damaging to your skin and generally, well, useless. Using a cleanser to properly wash your face will help remove all the stubborn bits of makeup, dirt and oil that are lingering (unbeknownst to you) on your skin. After a gentle cleanse, your pores will be free from any remaining products and your skin will be allowed to better absorb the skincare products.

Jade Roller

Our favourite part of your night skincare routine, massaging your face with a jade roller (or rose quartz, whatever your preference) can help increase the blood flow and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Continuous use can leave your skin feeling less puffy, particularly if you have trouble with those under eyes, and can enhance your skin by encouraging collagen production. It is super valuable for your skin and also insanely relaxing.


Once you have cleansed your skin, it’s time to grab a toner. Toner helps to remove any other traces of dirt, and dead skin from the face as well as manages excess oil (perfect if you suffer from acne). Toner also neutralises blemishes and gives the appearance of smoother and clearer skin.

Apply Serums

Before applying serums, it’s so important to wait until your toner has fully dried on the face, as this can impact how successful the rest of your skincare routine will be. Serums can be used to provide your skin with a concentrated dose of nutrients to help maintain that flawless skin. From antioxidant serums, to hydrating serums, they can make an instant impression upon the skin and overall improve the appearance of your face. With tons of plumping, blemish control and brightening serums, it’s possible for any skin type to perfect their evening skincare routine.


If you don’t use this already, then you 100% need to. Whatever your skin type, there’s a moisturiser for pretty much every single one. Moisturiser helps hydrate the skin and also traps in the nutrients provided by the other serums you use.

Face Oil

If you are using face oil, then it is essential to know that these need to be applied last in your night skincare routine. Why? Because absolutely nothing can penetrate oil, meaning if you were to apply this before your serum and moisturiser, then you would not be able to make the most of the ingredients they contain. Applying face oils to your skincare routine locks in the nutrients provided by other products and can leave your skin feeling smooth and glowy.

Think you’ve found the best skincare routine? Whether you follow all of these skincare steps by the book, or you’re wanting to recreate your own, your night skincare routine just got a serious upgrade! Shop loungewear to complete your face routine in style and get ready to share your killer look and skincare tips to the ‘gram. 

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