Everything Cardi B Wore at Paris Fashion Week

The event: Paris Fashion Week. The woman: Cardi B. The result: Showstopping. Emily in Paris could never. We’re absolutely obsessed with each and every ensemble Cardi B pulled off this season. Cardi was repping everyone from Mugler to Gladys Tamez at Paris Fashion Week and gave us a lot to talk about with her statement fits. These Paris Fashion Week looks are pure fantasy fashion so don’t expect to find any inspo here for your next night out.

September 28th 2021

Image Via Instagram

Big Bird, but make it red. Only Cardi B could pull off a Paris Fashion Week look this flamboyant so naturally. 

September 29th 2021

Image Via Instagram

Cardi B ate this Schiaparelli look up and left no crumbs. Only at PFW would you see a blazer and trousers combo taken to these extremes.

September 30th 2021

Image Via Instagram

Forget cottagecore, it’s all about gothcore now. On her 3rd day at Paris Fashion Week 2021, Cardi served Hells Angels realness with this look featuring itty-bitty sunnies by Jaupin.

October 2nd 2021 AM

Image Via Instagram

We have so many questions about this Balenciaga tabloid trench getup that Cardi wore for her 5th day at Paris Fashion Week… like, why?

October 2nd 2021 PM

Image Via InstagramOctober 2nd 2021

Is Cardi making funeral chic a thing? If you see us ordering a glue gun and an industrial size bag of rhinestones, no you didn’t.

October 3rd 2021 AM

Image Via Instagram

You know when you just really feel like cosplaying as a plant pot? Er, no, us neither… but Cardi B kinda killed this neon green Richard Quinn number for her 6th day at PFW.

October 3rd 2021 PM

Image Via Instagram

Cardi B taking style notes from Juno Birch isn’t something we predicted for Paris Fashion Week but we’re absolutely here for it. 

If you’re dressing up as the WAP singer for your next costume party, we’d go with one of these outlandish Paris Fashion Week fits to really show up and stand out.

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