Experiencing Post-Lockdown Burnout? Here’s What You Need To Do

There’s no doubt that current times are - to put it bluntly - very strange, right, doll? After having been in lockdown for the past few months, returning to what’s been coined by many as the ‘new normal’ is both exciting and daunting. Whether you’re returning to work after months on furlough, heading back to the office after working from home or are looking to find new work, there’s no question about it: post-lockdown burnout is real. Burnout is defined as being a mental, physical and emotional fatigue which develops when the brain is responding to one too many stressors. Recognise these signs of burnout? To help you manage your life post-lockdown, we’ve gathered some of our top tips to help bin the burnout and bring back the boss!

Practice Self-Care

We mean it, girl. Taking time out of your hectic schedule to practice self-care can be a total mood maker. It could be as simple as taking 5 minutes to meditate, throwing on the face mask after a busy day or simply catching up on Netflix with a glass of wine (or two). Whilst it may be tempting to say ‘yes’ to every single plan your friends throw at you, don’t over-do it. Scheduling that me-time is important if you want to avoid post-lockdown burnout. Whatever your preferred way to practice self-care, be sure to do it for YOU.

Balance Is Everything

Heading back into the office after months of being on furlough and feel like you can’t seem to catch a break? You’re not alone, boo! Going from zero to a hundred is never a good idea, which is why it’s essential that you switch off after work and learn how to manage your work/life balance successfully. Time management is key to avoiding burnout lockdown and will help ensure that you’re not burning the candle at both ends! We recommend making time for personal and professional matters. Invest in a diary to really help visualise your tasks and prioritise your time efficiently.

Call Upon Friends

If there’s one thing you must know when it comes to ditching that post-lockdown burnout, one of our fave self-care tips is to not be afraid to ask for help. Calling upon your friends in times of need and simply talking about your feelings can be a total saviour - trust us. It’s true that a problem shared is a problem halved, and it’s highly likely that your besties will be feeling the same. Arrange a FaceTime with your squad or meet up with a family member for dinner, we know you’ll be feeling less stressed!

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