You Power Piece According To Your Star Sign

Wanna find out if you dress like your zodiac sign, babe? Find out which ‘drobe essential you need in your life RN. Whether you’re a boss babe like Aries, or a dreamy doll like Pisces, we’ve got your ultimate power pieces according to your star sign!
Aries gals are total boss babes who absolutely live for athleisure. Whilst they live for comfort, they are total career girls who need to look professional AF, which is why mixin' and matchin' power pieces is a srs garm' changer! Aries dolls will not be without a hoodie, which is why if you boss under this sign, we recommend styling a plain hoodie with a blazer and straight leg trousers for a sophisticated street style!
Do you dress like a Taurus? It’s no secret that Taurus gals just love to make a statement, and are defo not afraid of making their look stand out. Since they’re usually overdressed, a skirt is simply always the answer! Perf’ for a dinner date with bae or lookin’ fierce on campus, we suggest teaming a skirt with court heels for a dressy look! Alternatively, rock with plain white trainers and slogan tee for day-to-
Fashion-forward Gemini’s are not one to let their ever evolving style stop. Babes under this playful sign are always switching up their look and are constantly on the hunt for fresh pieces to slay. You’ll always find a detailed blouse in this doll’s ‘drobe! If you’re a total Gem, try a not-so-basic blouse with gemstone/diamante detailing for an extra AF style that’ll make sure all eyes are on you.
Chic and classic, Cancer. These timeless beauties are always lookin’ for stun’ pieces they can wear time and time again. Whether they’re heading for dinner with friends or have an important meetin’ comin’ up, you’ll usually find them lookin’ elegant in pieces that never seem to go out of fashion. Are you a cute Cancer, babe? Opt for a midi dress in your fave style or colour for a killer look wherever you’re headed.
Wondering which power piece luxe Leo’s love to wear? Since they always seem to have somethin’ to say, babes under this fiery sign often wanna make a bold statement that really captures their aura. A slogan tee is a ‘drobe essential for a Leo doll! When it comes to creatin’ next level ‘fits, we recommend styling a slogan tee with distressed mom jeans and fresh white treds. Double up by wearing double denim for the ultimate edgy twist.
Feminine and functional, our Virgo sisters are always excited about experimenting with different silhouettes, but prefer pretty and practical garms over intricate designs. Wanna know what power piece is the best for Virgo star signs? Eye-catching culottes are a style staple! Pair printed culottes with a plain tee or slinky bodysuit for a srsly fierce look that’ll pop on and off the ‘gram.
In need of yet another piece to complete your daily ‘drobe? Libra hunnies are never without an alternative piece to complete their edgy look. We’re not kiddin’ when we say Libra gals enjoy mixin’ up their style and always pull it off. For an instantly on-trend and individual look, an oversized jacket is perf’ layered over pretty much any outfit, boo!
Scorpio who? Master of sleek and sophisticated styles, Scorpio babes are always lookin’ to create killer looks they can wear whatever the occasion. Whether they’ve got an interview they need to nail or are meetin’ the in-laws for the first time, a bodysuit is their ultimate go-to. Bodysuits are the absolute best for lookin’ pretty and polished. Wear a white off the shoulder bodysuit with straight leg pants for embracing all kinds of #GirlBoss vibes.
Adventurous and progressive, Sagittarius gals are not afraid to play around with patterns and are constantly on the lookout for bold prints to slay! Whilst they adore feminine silhouettes, they take on these styles with a brave and edgy twist, which is why you’ll always find a pair of fierce flares hanging in a Sagi closet. Pair flares with a scoop crop top and platform trainers fro a polished but not-too-prim look.
Been desp to find out what power piece you need in your life RN? Capricorns are all about sweet and chic styles minus all the drama! If it isn’t simple, Capricorn babes don’t wanna know. Doll’s under this sign take jeans n’ nice top dressin’ to a whole new level, and always have a trusty pair of denim on hand. Basic, but never boring, wear straight leg jeans with a luxe bodysuit, court heels and a waterfall duster for a Kardashian approved look.
If there was ever a more original babe, amazing Aquarius would be it. These independent women always wanna show off their eye for fierce pieces and enjoy being in the spotlight when it comes to fashion. Playful Aquarius? 100000%. From hot humanitarian by day, to party princess by night, a playsuit is a must-have! We suggest pairing a playsuit in a bold block colour or on-trend printed design to serve up srs progressive style.
Fortunate enough to have a Pisces girl in your squad? These mega babes are always givin’ off all kinds of outfit envy! Whimsical and free-spirited, our Pisces pals are constantly makin’ waves in fashion. Usually found day-dreaming, their romantic energy means floaty fabrics and ruffled hems are perf’. Rock a tea dress with platform sandals or white trainers and take your daily ‘drobe to a whole new level!

What’s your zodiac sign’s power piece? Check out our 'Most Wanted' collection and get ready to create your fierce new style!

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