Five Simple Ways to Refresh Your Space

New space? New you. Sometimes it’s the space around us that can cause us to feel overwhelmed, so it’s important to refresh the space that we feel most comfortable and relaxed in to make sure you don’t feel too stressed and get rid of things that could weigh you down!

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to refreshing your space or making your home feel more relaxing, then we’ve put together our favourite five simple ways to refresh your space.


The first place you have to start is the extra washing that’s piling up in the corner of your room, make sure you really Marie Kondo your wardrobe to get rid of what you don’t wear anymore so you’re clearing out what weighs you down!

It’s definitely a good idea to take a look through that makeup drawer too, there’s always going to be some old products in there that you don’t use anymore or you’re scraping the bottom of, and if they’ve been there a while then they’re definitely not the ideal thing to be putting on your face.

Switch Things Up!

Bed up against the wall? Maybe you’ll like it better under the window. Try and switch your room around to see if a new layout helps you to feel more relaxed, so by switching a couple of things around you could actually have a positive effect on your mental health!

If you’ve switched things up but now think it’s missing something, then invest in some plants! Plants are great at refreshing the air and just generally making your space look more colourful and interesting.

Relaxed Lighting

We all love a fairy light moment, it’s cute and can instantly make a space feel super cosy, but Tik Tok has enlightened us to a new trend and shown us how unreal a sunset lamp is. A sunset lamp makes it seem like a stunning Insta worthy sunset is in your bedroom, and it’s the perfect thing to wind down to.


If you’re on social media then you’ve probably seen someone a millennial self care expert use their diffuser.. We’ve found that the NEOM Wellbeing Pod is the one to invest in. They come in different sizes so you can get the best one to fit your space and release essential oils over time to help you feel more relaxed and stress-free.

If you’re not about a diffuser, then NEOM also has a range of candles that contain up to three bottles of essential oil to help you destress and boost your mood!

Spa Treat!

We all love a spa treatment, but it never feels as good as when you’ve just decluttered your wardrobe, rearranged your room and refilled your diffuser. Our favourite home spa day consists of a bath with all the bubbles, our full hair wash routine, a refreshing face mask and our full skincare routine. If you want to really relax after a day or refreshing your space, then only your entire skincare routine will do to top it off.

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