The Best Hair Products You Should be Trying this Summer

For some looks, hair can be the be all and end all when it comes to a final finesse, and with your fully booked summer plans, it’s important to make sure your hair is looking as fresh and clean as possible. To get your hair looking gorgeous, it’s important to find the best products, and these don’t have to be expensive! We’ve put together a short list of what we think are the best hair products you should be trying this summer and how to use them.

The Inkey List has come up with the best hair wash treat! Their Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Scrub is the perfect addition to your hair care routine for when you’ve been styling up your hair a lot and you want to go into the new week with a fresh clean scalp.

This should be step one in your skincare routine once a week, and after you’ve applied it leave it on for 10 minutes to let it really get to work on all that product and oil build up. Once the 10 minutes is up, rinse and carry on with the rest of your routine!

If you’re not here for a chemical exfoliant, or want to extend your routine, then this Tangle Teezer Exfoliating Brush is going to be your new favourite find. This brush helps to remove excess product build up and stimulates blood circulation to help with hair growth, and what’s better about it is you can either do it on the go with dry hair, or after you’ve applied your shampoo to really get rid of the gross stuff.

It’s great for the curly or thick haired girlies who need something extra when it comes to exfoliating your scalp and really getting in there!

If you’ve been on Tik Tok lately, then you’ve probably seen ‘slugging’. It’s when you apply loads of hair oil to your hair, brush it through and massage it into your scalp, then wrap it up in a sock then keep it in for as long as you want! It’s a midweek treat for you gorgeous girls whose hair needs a little extra moisture.

With all the styling this summer your hair’s going to need all the TLC it can get, so a trusty repairing conditioner is the way to go, and we’ve found that Garnier’s Ultimate Blend range has the best affordable natural products you can get! Their Repairing Papaya Conditioner is super moisturising, and helps to nourish dry hair that’s been overstyled, been in and out of the pool, or just needs some extra loving.

We recommend leaving your conditioner in for a couple of extra minutes to double it up as a hair mask for an extra hit of nourishment!

Once your hair is freshly washed, apply a few drops of The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid Scalp Serum to help keep that scalp feeling fresh and moisturised! What we love about this serum is that you don’t need to wash it out, so you can even apply it on days when you haven’t washed your hair. It’s definitely a favourite, but what else do expect from one of the master skincare brands!

For you gorgeous girls with the locks and the curls, the Cantu Curl Activator Cream is your winner! It helps to moisturise your hair whilst defining your natural curl pattern so you can go about your day with the confidence of your natural hair in its most stunning form. As well as this it’s sulphate free and helps to enhance your hair’s shine, so we know this is going to be your haircare staple (if it isn’t already).

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