Halloween Cocktails To Make At Home

Since swapping the bar for our sofa, we’ve been searching for fangtastic ways to celebrate halloween at home. And because we all know those overpriced, limited edition halloween cocktails are what we really look forward to (aren’t they?), what could be better than inviting those Alchemist-worthy spooky halloween cocktails into your home? With more time to decorate - you know, like during your lunch hour - we’re providing you with all the inspo you need to celebrate halloween 2020 in style. Whether you’re hunkering down with bae for some drinks and a halloween movie, or are planning to meet your squad over Zoom, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite halloween cocktail ideas for you to try this weekend. From halloween cocktails that smoke, to gin halloween cocktails, we know these bewitching concoctions will make it to your feed - without the hefty price tag! It’s going to be fa-BOO-lous!

Halloween Cocktails That Smoke

Feelin’ a lil daring? If you’re wanting to try your hand at one of the deadliest halloween cocktails of all time, a haunted tiki Zombie cocktail has to be first on our list. A go-to for when you need to catch up with your already-drunk squad, a Zombie is the official ghost of night’s out past. Recreate this regular haunt when you grab that £3 old-fashioned crystal class and fill it with some frightening ingredients. Add apricot brandy, dark rum, golden rum, lime juice, pineapple juice and white rum to a cocktail shaker and give it your best bar-tender inspired shimmy. Pour into said glass and garnish with half a passionfruit. For a flaming addition, pour some overproof rum into the passionfruit and set alight with a match.

Gin Halloween Cocktails 

Just want to find out the recipes for some easy halloween cocktails? If you’re not into cocktail alchemy - not that we can blame ya - skip the long-winded, fancy creation with a simple yet spooky bloody gin and tonic. Perfectly Instagrammable, mix your fave gin and tonic into a glass tumbler and pour in some cherry liquor for achieving the bloody colour and amplified taste. Complete by adding some eyeball lychees for the ultimate combo of sweet and sour!

Halloween Pumpkin Cocktails

Save yourself the back and forth when you try out one of these endless halloween pumpkin cocktails. What could be more festive (or easy) than a halloween pumpkin punch for getting your haunt on? And you don’t even need a bowl! Grab one large pumpkin and de-seed, leaving enough pumpkin wall(?) as this will be holding your party punch. Before pouring the magic mixture into your pumpkin, add rum, pomegranate juice, orange juice, lime juice and ginger ale into a large jug. Give it a quick mix and pour into the pumpkin, garnishing with some sliced oranges. Place on the coffee table with a spooky ladle (or regular if you CBA), pour over ice and enjoy!

Halloween Cocktails With Tequila

Love a bit of tequila? If lockdown has got you missing those margs and the occasional shot, then prepare to top up on one of these most loved halloween cocktails with tequila. Give off all kinds of graveyard energy when you try this spooky margarita. Containing all your fave ingredients, add some cointreau, lime and tequila to a cocktail mixer and give it your best shake! For a dark and dangerous twist, be sure to add some activated black charcoal or black food colouring to achieve that blacker than death appearance! Finish with a slice of lime and enjoy a glass of your own black magic.

Halloween Shots

Prepping for some halloween games done via zoom? Or are you and your fam having a mini party? Add some serious GLOW when you give your usual jell-o-shots a funky edge. We love glow in the dark shots for a ghostly option that only comes out at night. Want to know how to make these luminous treats? Simply swap the water for tonic water! Score any of your chosen alcohol (we recommend vodka) and add gelatin and tonic water. Pour into clear shot glasses so you can enjoy the glow and allow them to set!

Have you decided which halloween cocktail you’ll be adding to your list this weekend? Go all out when you shop our Hallowqueen collection and make this the best halloween yet! Whilst we can’t guarantee you’ll never pay £10 for a cocktail again, these spooky treats will definitely satisfy! For the time being at least...

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