Spooky Movies To Watch This Halloween

Could you survive a Halloween movie marathon? With the big day just days away and one half of the country on what seems to be a mini lockdown, it’s safe to assume that Halloween celebrations are going to be pretty different this year. If, like us, you're planning to celebrate Halloween by stuffing your face with sweets and watching spooky films, you may be wondering what are the best films to watch this Halloween? Well, ask and you shall receive! We’ve rounded up our top five picks from the best horror films to watch on halloween to films to watch around halloween, these spooky selections are sure to give you a fright.

Films To Watch Around Halloween


From the tried-and-true classics like Scream & Halloween to new favourites like Midsommer & Us, the Halloween genre spans a great length of what actually makes a film spooky. From jumpscares to gore, films to watch around Halloween don’t solely rely on one trope to define them as a halloween film! If you’re trying to get into the Spooky spirit then you’ll wanna make sure that you’ve got The Nightmare Before Christmas on your spooky list. Produced by Tim Burton, the film follows the character of Jack Skellington, the King of Halloween Town, as he stumbles upon a magical portal to Christmas Town and becomes obsessed.

Best Films To Watch Around Halloween


Popcorn? Check. Halloween cocktails? Check. The best films to watch around halloween? Check. An oldie but a goldie, reminisce in childhood memories with Disney's The Haunted Mansion and Halloweentown, perfect for all the treats and definitely no tricks. The Haunted Mansion follows The Evers family as they end up in a haunted mansion full of ghosts, restless spirits and no way to escape. Moving on to our next best film to watch around Halloween; Halloweenteen. 13 year old Marnie finds out she’s a witch and is tasked with saving her town from the evil spirit that lurks within.

Best Horror Films To Watch On Halloween


Trying to rack your brains for the best horror films to watch on halloween? If blood and gore is more your vibe, then you’ll love our gut wrenching selection of horror films. From The Shining To Silence Of The Lambs, these gore filled movies are sure to make your stomach churn. Sitting at the top of the list, we’ve had to make Saw (and every other thereafter) our number 1. Full of jumpscares and (probably a bit too much) gore, Jigsaw the killer puppet launches another attack to find the latest victims of his killer game.

Good Films To Watch On Halloween


Set chills straight down your spin and opt for something more on the thriller side of the horror genre with our good films to watch on halloween. If you want to be left on the edge of your seat, then you’ll wanna add Hush, Hereditary & Gerald's Game to your watch list. These mind numbing films which are full of twists and turns will leave you wanting more while simultaneously scrambling to turn the TV off. From a psycho killer trying to break into a deaf girl's home in Hush to an unfortunate climax in Gerald's Game, our roundup of good films to watch on Halloween has got you covered, boo.

Scary Films To Watch On Halloween


Looking for some scary films to watch on Halloween? Give yourself a real fright and set the standard for spooky season with a classic scary film. 2017 horror remake It focuses on the killer clown who reappears every 27 years to torment the kids of Derry in Maine. If you’d rather relive some childhood memories, opt for the original 1990’s mini series if that’s more your vibe. 

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