How to choose the best jumper: the colour guide

Jumpers are opening their way through our wardrobes as the weather is getting colder and colder. I can’t imagine how our winters could go by without these cosy and practical pieces, but now that we have them, it’s unfair to neglect the role they can play in our cold-weather wardrobe. Many of us might think ladies’ jumpers are not stylish enough because they’re not as figure-flattering as our bodycon dresses! But that’s way not true, with good styling, you can dress better in winter with a jumper than any other piece in your wardrobe.


Well, you should either have a very good sense of style to instantly tell if a piece _ in this case, a jumper, suits you well, or you have to read a lot and look a lot to gain that sense. These Femme Luxe series of styling review are aimed to help you style better in winter while staying warm and cosy. Either group you’re in, you might find some of these reviews helpful. Our last one was about how celebrities are styling their knitwear, we tried to bring examples from possible knitwear you might want to work into your wardrobe, including oversized jumpers, jumper dresses, cropped jumpers, roll neck jumpers and many others, all from your favourite stars. If you think you have a good sense of style yourself, and you don’t need more of styling details, I still recommend you take a look at that review, to get general ideas how to style your knitted jumpers.

But today, we’re going to get a little more in-depth with ladies’ jumpers for those who need more tips to put together their winter perfection. So let’s talk colours a bit. I’ll walk you through the colourful world of ladies’ jumpers, and tell you what colours are on-trend, which are popular, which are fall/ winter proper, and finally which are the suitable colours for your skin tone.

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Cool grey jumper, winter’s most popular

Regardless of what is on-trend, with a quick peek at celebrities’ knitted jumper styles and winter’s chic street styles, you’ll notice that grey jumpers are everywhere! That’s because knitted jumpers are warm and stylish, and the cool toned grey seems to be the most popular colour in the winters. This comes as no surprise though, considering grey being a neutral colour that you can pair with any other colour and the cool tones making it perfect for cold weathers. I think it’ll be my winterized version of black! Of course, you can opt for a warm grey jumper with brownish tones known as marble grey or greige for autumn, which is one of the most repeated and trendy colours in this season’s collections, too. Or simply go for a middle tone grey jumper for both autumn and winter!

There are other colours known as autumnal colours or wintery ones, which are popular with stylists in these seasons. These colours are basically the ones seen in nature during these times. For autumn, for example, you can opt for a mustard jumper, while in winter a white jumper is a better choice.


Try pink jumpers this winter

We all know that each season, designers from all around the world come up with new (or not so new!) colours in their collections. Colours which might be in a list of proper colours for that season based on our general knowledge of styling. Ladies’ jumpers follow the same rules, too. It’s always good to keep an eye on what colours are on trend and which are out of fashion. This would give us some ideas to step out of our comfort zone.

This season, for instance, fuchsia pink was hot. We wouldn’t normally wear a pink jumper in winter cause this sharp colour is associated with summer; when sharp and rich colours are popular. Those who were with us in our last review, know how Gigi Hadid styled her pink jumper like a real pro, with a matching puffer and wide leg sparkling trousers.

Speaking of sparkling, it’s obvious for all of us now, that designers are developing an obsession with anything that shines, from sequins to silver dresses. You can get really creative with silver skirts and trousers to match with your black jumper dress and take your winter style up a notch, proving you’re a true fashionista! For an even more edgy look, you can opt for the trendiest styles like choker jumper dress or a cropped jumper.

If you happen to have a cherry red jumper, it’s time to take it out this season. It’s on trend and suuper elegant with jeans. This colour is perfect for roll neck jumpers, then you can add a black longline coat to your look for extra warmth.

You can also keep your style up to date with a yellow jumper. This autumnal colour was on the runways you can pair it with jeans, black or white denim to show off your confidence. Another way to style a yellow jumper is to pair it with something grey such as Grey Ostrich Feather Long Sleeve Coat. These two colours go perfectly well together and both are hot these days. Moreover, this opulent coat adds elegance to your style and makes you ready for a special occasion. You can also pair this coat with a frizzy white jumper for a more uniform and minimal look, sporting white jeans and completing the look with matching heels and bag in grey.


Colours for your skin tone:

We have already talked about choosing the colour of your clothes cautiously and based on your skin tone. The truth is that regardless of what the trends are and what colours are season appropriate, we can ruin the whole style with a wrong colour, that doesn’t go with our skin. For instance, we are told that black is a colour to match with everything and that’s right. But if you have a light and pale skin a black jumper dress might be the worst thing to wear.

This is so far the most tricky part of styling. Finding out what is your exact skin tone and getting to know which colour suits that tone is a real experimental project. We will guide you through some general categories and things that might look good or bad for your skin colour but the truth is that skin colour is a range from pale to dark rather than falling into separate categories, and has undertones of warm, cool and neutral dividing it into specific categories and determining which category you’re under is really difficult. So in the end, a colour that might be suggested as not appropriate for a skin tone might actually be good because either you made a mistake in your assessment or your skin falls between the categories!

Having these suggestions in mind helps you to start off with experimenting and having some clues but at the end, I believe it’s best to trust your intuitions and comments of your friends and family. Ok, enough with the pep talk. Let’s see what colours go well with which skin tones.

We don’t want to get too deep here with skin complexions and undertones. So I’ll provide you with three general categories and some simple rules.

If you have a pale skin meaning you are on the end of the spectrum, a black jumper is not the best choice for you. You might want to avoid dark colours because it makes your skin look paler. A stark. you should also avoid pure white jumpers.

If you have darker skin tones you’re free to use pastel and white but a black jumper is still a no-no.

For medium skin colours, clothing in primary colours is best, so a red jumper can be perfect. Other sharp and bold colours are great too, if you have a medium complexion, then you’re lucky enough to have the trends on while looking perfect with a fuchsia pink jumper.

Now if you fall in between, you can go for colours that are a mix of these ones. For light to fair skins, for instance, a mustard jumper is a good option.

By now, you know a lot about ladies' jumpers and how to style them. You can go on and choose a jumper or jumper dress in Femme Luxe’s selection of ladies’ jumpers. Or you can wait for our next reviews to find out more about choosing and styling different silhouettes including hot and trendy styles such as choker jumpers and oversized jumpers. Be sure to keep your #luxegal vibes high until then.

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