How to style women’s knitwear this winter: celeb style

Women’s Knitwear might not seem hard to style; you’d throw on a shirt, jeans and an oversized knitwear and there you go! You’ll have your go-to style ready. But if you want to look standout stylish, you always have to take a peek at celebrities’ style. Today’s Femme Luxe review is all about how celebs are styling women’s knitwear from chunky sweaters with cropped lengths to jumper dresses, from off shoulder to front wrap styles. So if you’re looking for ideas on styling your cold-weather wardrobe, stick with us!

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Sweet Taylor swift: no matter if you are a fan of Taylor’s music or not, when it comes to styling no one can ignore her sweet and girlish looks. So why not take a look at her warm and cosy winter style with blue fair isle knitwear? She paired her knitwear sweater with burgundy red skinny jeans and tall brown boots and completed the look with a teal knit beanie and a bag matching in colour with her skinnies. That’s how she perfected the cosy casual winter styling in the simplest way ever. If you’re looking for a similar look you can scroll through our wide range of women’s knitwear selection and find your perfect women’s knitwear to pair with your skinnies.

Taylor Swift is probably in love with beanies, she has a beanie on in almost each and every one of her winter styles! And those beanies make her cute AF! Looking for more cute winter styling ideas? Let’s check out one of her other outfits, wearing burgundy red tights with a plaid skirt and adding warmth to her style with a matching duffle coat, finishing with light brown oxford heels. If you’re swift’s fan too, then you might want to make your wardrobe full of beanies and oxford heels in different colours.


Make it Gigi style: Though Gigi is not my favourite superstar, I absolutely love her elegant style. I can bring about tens of her winter looks in a list of best outfits. She makes it really simple to stay chic on cold days and quite good skills in styling women’s knitwear. So I might go on and mention a few of her outfits. Keeping up with the layering trend, she wrapped herself in a longline striped coat over her cream roll neck knitted jumper. Opting for a black and cream style, she wore black distressed skinnies, black ankle boots and a black bag.

Gigi styles are not always this minimal though. She can walk the streets with a pink cropped sweater and matching puffer, sticking to the latest trend of sequin comeback with glitzy wide leg trousers. She completed her look with rose-toned sneakers to prove cheerful colours are not meant to be used for spring and summer only.

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Beckham, the turtleneck queen: Victoria keeps her good sense of fashion through each and every season but she probably knows best how a turtleneck can take cold-weather style up a notch. She’s done the look over and over like she’s never going to stop but her style is more attractive each time. However, her blue chunky knitwear roll neck style with a matching skirt and tall black boots is the best in my eyes. So if you’ve decided to burrow your face into your collar, too, Femme Luxe women’s knitwear selection has got you covered. Our grey roll neck jumpers knitwear can be styled with a simple belt and ankle boots for parties or be paired with a flowy skirt and boots for some casual girls’ time. It’s also available in three other sought-after colours: black, red and mustard.

Kerr knit lesson: speaking of how you can style Femme Luxe’s knitwear dresses, you’ll love Miranda Kerr's look with a knitwear dress tunic. She’s done it as easy a structured coat, over-the-knee boots and a baggy bag! But if you think you’ll be overwhelmed by thick layers you can ditch the coat and let your jumper dress speak for itself. You might want to opt for a bold colour like red to do so!

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Style Gomez: Selena’s style is always the most interesting for me, cause she really dismisses the fashion rules out there! Ever heard of the rule to match a voluminous top with a slim bottom and vice versa? Well, you’ll never trust that again seeing Gomes walking out of a studio with a light grey voluminous cropped knit top and bulky midi skirt in a darker shade of grey. She went for a pair of black pump heels to finish the sophisticated look. If you have a thing for girl’s crop knitwear too, the Cropped Flare sleeve Knitted Jumper is available in four colours in our women’s knitwear selection along with many other styles and silhouettes from cropped cable knitted jumpers to distressed cropped ladies’ knitwear.

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Feminine Chung: Alexa Chung knows how to keep absolutely feminine even in a grey chunky jumper. The key to dressing up with such knitwear is as simple as a pencil skirt. The key to Chung's jaw to floor fierce style? Glittery pencil skirt. With the comeback of sequins, we can opt for twirling styles anywhere we go, not just at glam parties. The chunky knitwear and the sparkling pencil skirt will make a great eye-catching contrast. If you want to copy this casual chic style, our Black Open Neck Jumper will do the job for you. Also available in cream and red, this hot knitted jumper with an open neck is perfect for a feminine look. However, if you’re looking for a cable knit, as Alexa did, then you might want to check out the Grey Cropped Cable Knit Jumper. Throw on black heels and you’re good to go.

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Staying with Chung, styling women’s knitwear is the best way to add a preppy vibe to your wardrobe. The best part is the look doesn't require investing a fortune; chances are you have most pieces already in your wardrobe, and even if you don’t you can get them on Femme luxe cheap online clothing store! Get your skinny jeans (Chung opted for a pinky one) and your white shirt out and throw on your knitwear sweater. All you have to do is to go for a fitted sweater, not the chunky ones. If you want to your shirt's collar really pop out, you’ll have to go for contrast colours, like a white shirt and black sweater; just the way Chung did! your preppy style is already put together. But if you really want to take it to extremes, throw on a long line coat.

Rihanna: Rihanna is absolutely one of my favourites so it would be weird if I didn't mention her. But the truth is that she seems to know her ways around baggy styles. If you’re into oversized knitwear too, then get ready to copy this Rihanna’s look head to toe: super baggy winter knitwear dress paired with wide-leg trousers and completed with delicate cuffed sandals. You can find your Femme Luxe knitwear dress in our women’s knitwear selection. You can also upgrade the look and replace the nude sandals with a pair of Perspex Barely There Heels. Go for delicate and feminine accessories to make a contrast with the oversized knitwear.

Kylie dress: now that we’re talking knitwear dresses, let’s have a peek on Kylie’s off shoulder dress. You can’t put a foot wrong with this simple yet elegant outfit, either in the cold seasons or not. You can style our champagne Bardot Ribbed Maxi Dress With Ruffle Detail the same way. Available in other colours, this bodycon dress will make a great celeb-inspired party dress.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Huntington is the one you should absolutely follow if you are more of a minimalist girl. She manages to look elegant in monochromatic styles, even in cold days, with a white fuzzy jumper and matching denim. Even her popping-out top is white! This white on white layered outfit is cosy and warm as well as eye-catching.

Looking for more of minimal inspiration, she’s gone for another classic look, pairing a grey knit jumper with black longline coat and skinny jeans, adding a pop of colour with a green bag. She completed the look with oversized sunnies.

Fearne Cotton: want to add a bit of spice to your women’s knitwear style? Cotton has the answer. She paired an embellished grey sweater with an orange-red skirt, wearing tights and black studded boots. She didn’t stop there, pairing a chunky fur stole with blocks of colour.

Another way to add spice to your winter wardrobe is a printed skirt. Wear yours Fearnie way by adding a knitwear sweater and tights. Pairing a fur coat with your sweater will take your style up a notch!

Olivia Palermo: pairing women’s knitwear and fur is a way to stay cosy while being super stylish, that’s what Palermo shows with her fur vest over a cream knitwear, grey midi skirt and matching heels and clutch, a lavish style!

Jessica Alba: we probably neglected knit cardigans in this review, and that’s because it’s not an easy look to pull off, especially if it’s oversized. But Jessica Alba sure knows how to nail down a knitwear cardigan and stay cute while taking out her baby daughter! If you’re brave enough to try the look, you can add a sharp coloured beanie or copy Jessica’s knitwear look with a trilby and paisley pattern scarf around your neck.

Kate Moss: over the knee boots are one of the tricks that can make your style instantly more glam. But Kate Moss shows we can adapt them for simple and cosy looks. She wore a simple black chunky jumper and a black mini skirt to make her dark green boots the prominent part of her style. if you want to add more colour though, our Mustard Stripe Reversible Lace Knit Jumper is a perfect way to balance out the colours. You can also pay a visit to our women’s knitwear selection, to find out more options.

Now you know everything about women's knitwear celeb style, you can copy anyone you like or make up your own unique style, either way, you don’t forget to keep your #luxegal vibes on a high dose. But before that make sure to take into consideration, the other styling tips we shared before, like choosing the best colour for your skin tone and more importantly, to make sure the silhouette you chose matches your body type and makes a perfect flattering look. If you’re not sure how to do it yet, then you keep an eye on other Femme Luxe’s reviews to see how you can style perfectly without making fashion faux pas.

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