How To Get A Job At Femme Luxe! Q&A With Our Team

Dying to get a job in the fashion industry? Obsessed with all things Femme Luxe? Meet the babes behind the scenes that make sh*t happen and find out their insider tips on how to get a job in fashion!

Emily Darwin - SEO Product and Content Writing Assistant

emily content writer

How did you land your job at Femme Luxe?
I was struggling to find a job after I graduated from university but I knew I always wanted to go into fashion! I saw loads of jobs posts saying that you needed experience which was something I didn’t have, so I decided if I wanted to get into writing about fashion I’d make my own blog! I was consistent in writing at least once a week, because I thought if I couldn’t get the experience in a job I could at least try with showing off my writing skills. I saw the job and applied thinking I probably wouldn’t get it and then got an interview! I was so excited and then about a week later I was offered the job (thankfully!)
What sorta skills do you need in your role?
You definitely need to be confident in your writing and have really good time keeping skills, because it’s a very fast paced environment, but you get used to it!
What’s your average day like?
My average day can differ quite a lot depending on what needs to be done, but usually I start by writing collections for a certain group of products so we can really make them stand out. If there’s lots of product uploading to be done that can usually take me a day but I don’t mind because then I get to have a peek at the latest products we’ve got coming in! Somewhere along the line I’ll write a blog which can be anything from fashion, lifestyle or beauty and depending what it’s about, I can make flat lays to showcase some of our hot products!
How can an aspiring SEO Content Writer make their CV stand out?
I’d definitely suggest making a blog if you haven’t got the experience like I did, it really helps to show employers that yeah you might not have the experience but you’re putting yourself out there and are willing to show your work.
What’s your fave thing about your job?
Probably writing a blog or the product uploading! I’ve always been interested in fashion and what goes on behind the scenes and luckily because I studied English Literature at uni, the amount of writing doesn’t bother me because I’m so used to it!

David Bhidey - Ecommerce And Operations Manager

What kinda skills do you need to secure a job like yours?
To stand out from the crowd and succeed in an Ecom job like mine, I definitely recommend showing that you’ve got loads of ambition, a good work ethic and that you’re flexible, as the role is so varied.
What’s your average day like?
Every day here at Femme Luxe HQ is different. The role is so diverse, so one day I could be meeting with advertising agencies to sort a TV advert and another day I could be managing the warehouse team, it never gets boring!
How can someone applying for a job like yours make their CV stand out?
Be creative. We get a lot of CVs sent via email, so think of a way to make yours different and stop us in our tracks.
What's your fave thing about your job?
I love the people, it’s amazing to come into work and have a good group and the culture is great too, it’s very relaxed and informal!

Grace Stonier - Blogger Outreach & Content Executive

grace blogger outreach
How did you secure your job at Femme Luxe?
I applied for the job online after seeing it advertised on Indeed and within a week I got asked to come down for an interview and got the job!
What kinda skills do you need to secure a job like yours?
When I applied they said that they were specifically looking for someone with a fashion related degree and I studied Fashion Management & Communications so it kinda fitted perfectly. But I don't think you need a degree at all nowadays. Skills for my specific role would be Photoshop which can be self taught, a good idea of what would sell well on Instagram, how to build up brand awareness and good communication skills as I deal with influencers on a daily basis.
What’s your average day like?
On an average day at work, I'd schedule and create the Instagram content, do some outreach to top influencers, deal with the finances behind the collabs and send them out fresh new items for future Instagram posts. I also create collections to build up SEO on site and send out USA notifications to drive traffic from international sources!
How can someone applying for a job like yours make their CV stand out?
If you're applying for a creative or a fashion job, make your CV personalised and creative too. Don't just do it a black and white word document, make it fun and sell yourself on it!
What's your fave thing about your job?
My favourite thing about my job would be how social it is and how laid back the work environment is.
Feeling all the inspo? Itching to send over that CV? We can’t wait to hear about your experience and goals, send over your deets to careers@femmeluxe.co.uk.
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