How To Take A Good Selfie For Instagram

Wanna ‘gram like a Kardashian and a feed that fills your noti’s with hearts? Up your ‘gram game influencer style n’ perfect your pic first time round with our ultimate guide on how to take a good selfie for Instagram. If you’re anything like us, those selfie sesh’s can leave our iphone beggin’ for storage and a camera roll filled with potential pics - that still need to be shortlisted BTW. From instagram mirror selfies that capture your fresh new ‘fit, to golden hour moments that NEED to be caught on cam, we’ve rounded up some of our fave instagram selfie ideas that are gonna help you create some of the best Instagram selfies. Want in? Check out our fave tips for creating celeb style selfies that’ll have you trendin’ in no time!

Lighting Is Key

kendall jenner
Wanna know the number one rule when it comes to taking Insta-worthy selfies? Never underestimate the power of srsly good lighting - we mean it. Natural lighting is an *actual* saviour when it comes to taking a flawless selfie. We recommend taking your selfie by a window to help illuminate your features with natural daylight and eliminate any unwanted shadows or dark circles caused by one too many wines! Wait ‘til sunset for warmer lighting and more orange hue to help you master that natural glow.

Know Your Angles

hayley baldwin

Finding which angles work for you can be the difference between a selfie that pops or flops. That fave side you always show off in the squad pics? Yep, your face has one too, boo! Practice moving your head around to really capture those amaze angles that’ll help secure you those likes. Suggested by the queen of the 'gram, Kim K, keeping your chin down and camera up when taking your selfie will help slim the face and hide that double chin. Tilt your phone slightly and look just above the camera to seal the deal on your next Insta pic.

Use A Filter/Editing App

kylie jenner

Even the hottest celebs edit their pics, so don’t be afraid to gloss over your flaws - not that there are any! We love apps like Facetune to airbrush imperfections and shape your face to really make your features pop! When it comes to selecting the right filter for your selfie, Valencia is one of our go-to’s for creating a subtle effect that absolutely slays. Add warmth to your pic by using Instagram’s editing tools to add a red hue - trust us on this!

Be Careful Not To Over-Edit

ariana grande

Editing your pics is without doubt an easy way to ensure an all round perf’ pic, but you must be careful not to over-do it! As tempting as it is to smooth that extra line, over-editing can actually make your selfie look totally unnatural. Play around with the editing capacities and avoid leaving a filter at 100% (on Instagram) as this could totally damage your selfie.
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