Outdoor Date Ideas For You And Your Bae

So Tinder says it’s a match, but what you really need is a good outdoor date to really see if there’s a spark, right, doll? Or have you got a long term bae and are in need of some fun outdoor date ideas to try post-lockdown? Whatever cute connection you’re buildin’ this season, with tons of socially distanced dates ready to take their course, our feeling’s forecast predicts that love is gonna be in the air - for real. We love outdoor date activities for the ultimate alternative when Netflix n’ Chill just ain’t an option - I mean, you can’t really wear your fave summer dress sat on a cramped sofa in a stuffy apartment can you? Whether you choose to enjoy a cocktail in your local beer garden, have a prosecco picnic in the park, or simply go for a walk with your boo, you’re gonna be embracing all kinds of romantic vibes! Ready to hear some of our fave outdoor date ideas to try this summer?

Outdoor Date Ideas Summer

beach date

Sick of stayin’ indoors? We feel you, girl. Get dolled up and throw on your go-to outdoor date outfit to look absolutely killa. With summer dresses and summer co-ords, complete your look with a glowy highlight and a glossy lip for a shimmering look that’ll look amaze at golden hour.

  1. Picnic in the Park - Take a bottle of prosecco or a few of your fave canned cocktails for a romantic picnic in the park.

2. Take Your Dog for a Walk - Been talkin’ throughout lockdown and wanna cool outdoor date idea that’s mega cute? Take your dog (or his) for a walk in the country!

3. Explore Your City - or even a new one. Navigating a new city is a great way to communicate! Nip into a beer garden for a drink, or eat al fresco style.

Late Night Outdoor Dates

night time outdoor date

Don’t finish work ‘til late? Grab your jacket, boo, ‘coz you’ve pulled! Enjoy a late night outdoor date with your bae and really get to know them. Romantic and intimate, is there a better time of day to go on a date?!

  1. Watch the Sunset - Take a drive up to a hill, or walk if you’re feelin’ active, and simply watch the sun set. Cute AF!

2. Go Stargazing - Grab a blanket, a few drinks and lie down under the stars for an intimate and romantic outdoor date.

3. Visit Your Fave Restaurant - Take a trip to your go-to restaurant and enjoy a lush meal outdoors. We recommend waiting for those warmer nights!

Outdoor Date Activities

apple picking

So you’re a few dates in and have found the connection you’ve been looking for, right, girl? Take your relationship to the next level by engaging in some fun outdoor date activities! Whether you love adventure or wanna just do somethin’ different, you’ll love these top date picks.

  1. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter - Bonded over your love of dogs? Why not give back to your community by volunteering to walk puppies.

2. Barbecue on the Beach - Buy a disposable barbecue and hit up your nearest beach for a beaut’ day spent sunning yourself and swimming. Don’t forget to take your rubbish home with you!

3. Pick Fruit - Support your local farmers and pick some of your own fresh fruit (we recommend strawberries). Lay down a blanket and enjoy your fruit in the sun.

Finally got some outdoor date ideas to try this weekend? Don’t forget to pick the ultimate outdoor date outfit from our ‘New In’ for a style that’s sure to set pulses racing. Show us your look on the ‘gram with the #luxegal hashtag and let us know where you’re heading on your next outdoor date!

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