Lace bodysuit; UK’s best of bests

Lace bodysuit ; UK’s best of bests

Lace bodysuits are the most fashion forward pieces out there and now that we have talked about them so much recently I hope you are all experts on how they are styled, which ones are more suitable for which occasions and which ones flatter your body shape better. Bodysuits’ wide range of fabrications and silhouettes makes them a must have in every fashionista’s wardrobe .We already know how lace bodysuits are popular these days and they really deserve this popularity since they’re elegant, sexy and form flattering all together. We gathered the bests of our bodysuit collection in Femme Luxe today. So if you are in favor of tucked-in style and you want a neat look then these bodysuits are waiting for you.

Lace bodysuit UK

Black or white lace bodysuit

As the title speaks for itself: yes! Number one goes to black lace bodysuit or… white. Either one adds the sassy feeling to your outfits. There’s something feminine about lace bodysuits that you can’t simply walk by and ignore. The romantic and elegant look is not achievable through other ones. Lace is the best of bodysuits’ new look and the way I can see it’s not planning to go out any time soon. The only thing you have to consider before shopping is how much coverage you are comfortable with and be careful the bodysuit provides it for you. And even if you don’t really have the bone to show a little skin then opt for those with opaque bodice and enjoy the charming appeal. Black lace bodysuits can be paired with a nice suit to take power dressing to the next level. A white lace bodysuit is also good to be paired with jeans and put out a gorgeous casual style. In this case I would recommend a long sleeve lace bodysuit since it brings you more coverage and allows for more options in styling. We talked a lot about styling lace bodysuits already so let’s move on to the next gorgeous piece.

long sleeve lace bodysuit since

Cami bodysuits

Lace bodysuits long sleeve or sleeveless are gorgeous either way but some of us are not used to wearing lace as outer wear despite the extreme trend. Still we love the neat tucked-in look especially for a busy day when you are running from place to place all the day long and have little time to take care of your shirt being nicel tucked-in. If so then replace your lace bodysuit style with a cami bodysuit. I agree that camisole tops aren’t just as sexy as a black lace bodysuit and maybe you can’t imagine styling it as a club wear. But it’s the more casual replacement for the sexy lace bodysuits and you can maintain a chic look all through your day. And still you can style them in many ways, I’m just partial to taper fit trousers (and blazer).

Cami bodysuit

Long-sleeved Floral Satin bodysuit

This is again an all in one piece you can use for many situation: a nice tucked-in bodysuit, long sleeve for a more formal look, floral prints to add a bit of vibe to your wardrobe and glossy surface to create an elegant and luxurious look. If you’re a fan of the soft and flowy look then a floral satin plunge bodysuit should be on your shopping list. Couple it with wide leg floor length trousers and heels that are barely seen.

Red bodysuit

Red bardot bodysuit

This might seem a little selfish, but after reasonably falling in love with black lace bodysuits, I’m starting to grow feelings for this bardot bodysuit and I give it the number two of the bodysuits new look so I have put it on the list of must have bodysuits. The frills on the shoulders are perfect for a pear body shape but they are so feminine and charming that I would say it is worth the effort to be styled for anybody with any other body type. Bonus point: you can adapt it as a one-shoulder top same as the bardot style. Dress up this cute bodysuit with a skinny trousers or with a pencil skirt for more appeal on a formal occasion.

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