Summer muaxi dresses UK celebrity style

Summer maxi dresses UK celebrity style

Summer maxi dresses UK trends are the flowing style of the day. This is a good news for those not comfortable with bare feet and also for those who have trouble maintaining a style put together from different separates. You can’t achieve a more effortless look with any other piece of clothing. Although this breezy piece is known to be a must have in summer wardrobe it can be used all year long if styled well.

But it is summer and we need to keep updated to those trends every season. One of my favourite ways is looking at how celebrities are choosing their styles. So today we took a quick look at how celebrities from UK and other parts of the world are wearing their summer maxi dresses here at Femme Luxe. Then you can choose your dream summer dress from maxi dresses sale and never regret your choice.

Evening maxi dresses UK

Pixie Lott is mastering the art of wearing maxi dresses. Apart from the recent awkward moment in BRIT Award 2018, I think she is the best example of styling maxi dresses. Either walking out of the club with a stripped maxi dress or showing off her legs in lilac floor length high thigh split maxi dress (I think she has something for lilac maxi dresses), there’s something arresting about her maxi style. You can opt for something similar if you’re looking for evening maxi dresses for weddings or other formal occasions.

A halter neck light color dress like Hilary Rhoda’s embellished pleated dress paired with metallic heel sandals and matching clutch makes for an inspiring semi-formal style, too.

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The key for choosing a nice evening maxi dress for wedding is to keep it simple. Primary colors are fool proof options as well as light pastel colors. For a more dazzling style jewel tones like silver and gold are good to go but they make a bit of more formal look so choose the color depending on the type of occasion (in weddings consider what the bride wants for her night) and the time of the day. If you are brave enough, and you want your dress to be more partyish, you can go for a glittery party dress with a high slit to show more skin and get the jaws dropping as you walk.

evening maxi dress for wedding

Stick to the figure flattering guides for your body-shape to avoid looking unproportional. Classy floral prints and embellishments stops your maxi dress from looking boring to the eye but don’t overdo either in the embellishments on the dress or your accessories if you don’t want to look unsettled. Choosing the right hair style (the usual is updo) and accessories are seriously essential. Satin, velvet or silky materials meet the minimalistic trends for your evening dress.

Summer maxi dresses UK

Choosing an evening maxi dress for weddings is a smart choice but those maxi dresses are not only a formal wear anymore. Going out on a hot summer day is never easier if you have a summer maxi dress. If you are more of a bohemian style with all the little details, this is your lucky chance of pulling off your dream style.

Long sleeve maxi dresses UK

Lots of celebrities are sporting white maxi dresses. . A white shirt dress out of cotton seems to quiet an ordinary look but I was shocked with the way Gigi Hadid is pulling it out with an open shoulder belted floor sweeping dress. Or Priyanka Chopra’s white long length dress paired with black sandals which I think looks fabulous with denim coat for an end of the summer look you can’t simply ignore.

Long sleeve maxi dresses UK trendy style and if you’re a boho chic girl your lucky because not only the style is one of the hottest trends, it’s a never out of fashion. You can shop for as many cheap maxi dress UK on-trends all you want and be sure you can wear them for many seasons ahead. All the floral prints, gladiator sandals and fringe bags are essentials for an effortless summer style. Even if you don’t consider yourself one of those boho gals you can try these long sleeve printed maxi dresses to make a change in your wardrobe.

Finally the best thing about summer maxi dresses? They don’t have to be expensive! Either you want to shop for casual or evening maxi dresses UK there are tons of maxi dresses sales. Do cheap maxi dresses have to be not fancy? Absolutely not. You can find that out by checking maxi dresses sale on our website. Also you can subscribe to our social accounts for updates on more offers.

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