Long Sleeve Lace Bodysuits For Every Body Type

Long Sleeve Lace Bodysuits For Every Body Type

It's time to get clued up on one of the most versatile and easy to wear bodysuit trends that there is - long sleeve lace bodysuits. If you loved our post on black lace bodysuit, you'll deffo want in on this take on the lace bodysuit trend.

This piece can seriously save you from a wardrobe shortcoming. Bodysuits long sleeve or short sleeve, black or white or nude, lace or satin can be used to make outfits that you can literally wear everywhere! If you're determined to keep heads turning all day long, a black long sleeve bodysuit is one of your best options.

You can see how versatile this sassy style is by a quick look at our on-trend collection of bodysuits on Femme Luxe . Need a hand when deciding how to style a long sleeve lace bodysuits? Keep in mind that with the versatility of the silhouettes and cuts, bodysuits can be used for any body shape. But how do you know which one is the right one for your figure?


If you have a defined narrow waist with nearly the same measurements in your bust and hips then you’re most likely an hourglass hun! Form-fitting tops are great for showing off those assets and that’s where you have to make advantage of bodysuits. You can opt for a white long sleeve lace bodysuit to highlight those curves. This white frill mesh bodysuit totally fits the bill. To complete the style, choose a nice drapey skirt and go for a high or middle rise skirts to score some srs style points. Choose soft flowy fabrics for the and lower part of the body.

white mesh bodysuit


Pears have wider waist and fuller hips than their upper part of the body. So it is important to focus on the top and that’s where bodysuits are a great help. If you have a pear body shape like Beyoncé, then choose a statement bodysuit. Make use of lace to draw the attention to your top half. A white lace bodysuit is a great example because the colour makes you upper half the centre of attention. Use a plunging neckline, like the one seen on this long sleeves lace bodysuit. This amazing black long sleeve bodysuit is probably one of your best bets. Use a plain dark colour A-line skirt or a waist-length jacket to complete this elegant style. You can also play with patterns on top and go for floral bodysuits for a playful look.

black bodysuit


Apple body shape includes broader shoulders and bust than hips. It’s best to use darker colours in the top rather than bottom. But you can’t always go black can you? Nothing can stop you from dressing in a white lace bodysuit as long as focusing on a V-neck to make your torso look narrower and add glamour to your style. A black long sleeve bodysuit is also a great option, as long as the sleeves are fitted. And if you want to show off your arms then a sassy strapless or sleeveless black lace bodysuit is your first choice.

black lace long sleeve bodysuit


Banana body types generally don’t have a defined waistline and the waist measurements are not much smaller than those of the hips and bust. Scoop neck and Medium length necklines are great for you, but halter necks are something else, they’re sexy and the can help to curve your body. A black long sleeve bodysuit might well get you a lot of attention but a white lace bodysuit will give you a fresh take on this look. As long as you avoid too much detail around the waist, you are free to wear any kind of trousers or skirts.

white lace long sleeve bodysuit

You can notice how a long sleeve lace bodysuit is must have for any body shape and adds a sexy vibe to your fabulous style. You can scroll through our women's clothing collection to find more suitable options for yourself. Show us your style on the 'gram by using the #luxegal hashtag.

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