Autumn's Neon Trend

Love or hate Kim Kardashian, but we have to give her credit as she is the ultimate trend setter and doesn't do anything by halves. As we see the latest images that are published in the media we all get fascinated by what we see when the next Kardashian posts on Instagram. This defiantly makes the rest of us consider how we adapt our autumn trend for injecting neon into our wardrobes (maybe a neon set) ? A Femme Luxe set of neon cycling shorts?), she appears to have completely gone against the rules of coming into the autumn/winter switching her earth tone styling with neon popping luminescence.
The Kardashians Making Neon Our Favorite coming out of Summer Beauty Trend

In the past week alone she has worn neon skirt with a Rick Owens tank top and a bedazzled Judith Leiber (yes, Judith Leiber!) phone clutch.
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When you come across Kimmy K's new portrayal of neon pops its made clear to us all that no matter what she was wearing previously this is the new trend right now.
There is no more transitional period gone are the days of organised fashion, just get ready for the next up and coming trends which you will find here at Femme Luxe before any one else. find our range of neon products in our neon trend collection.
Occasionally, another name-of-note has given neon a go – this weekend Blake Lively made impressive efforts at embracing the trend in a luminous green Versace suit – but it was washed out in comparison, showing that Kim has fully adopted to becoming neon’s most visible ambassador. If she persists in pioneering the neon trend early, it will soon become part of her personal brand we have similar styles such as Neon Yellow Cami Strap Maxi Dress - Serenna find more of these styles in our neon trend collection.
In September we will see other stars committing to their own version of this trend, by then Kimmy K would have already dominated this style. Lets be honest who can co ord a lambo and outfit in less than one week? - the one and only Kimmy K. Impact is certainly her middle name!
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