Netflix Chick Flicks That Will Get You Through Blue Monday

After a very tough start to the year, everyone has been dreading Blue Monday even more this year. Coined the most depressing day of the year, we are here to remind you to take it easy on yourself today. Whether it’s Blue Monday, you’re going through a break-up, or maybe you’re simply having a pamper night, a chick flick is always the number one choice when it comes to deciding what to watch on Netflix. From 90s classics, modern love stories where the protagonist doesn’t end up with a crappy f***k boy and learns to love herself, and those steamy series where it doesn’t matter if the storyline is a 0 ‘cos the guys are a 10, Netflix is a hot spot for chick flicks.


Romance, scandal, and tons of steamy scenes with a hot AF duke? Yes, please! A period drama with Gossip Girl vibes, Bridgerton has quickly become one of Netflix most watched and successful series, and there’s no second guessing why. Full of mystery and drama, with lockdown making all of our lives pretty boring right now, we can all live out our hot girl sh*t vicariously through Daphne, the series main female lead. Slip into your best pyjamas, stick on a face mask, and open that tub of ice cream, ‘cos the Duke of Hastings will quickly help you get rid of those Monday blues, babe.

Crash Landing On You

If you haven’t ventured into the world of k-dramas, then stop what you’re doing right away and log into Netflix! We have recently finished one of South Korea’s most popular dramas of 2020 Crash Landing On You, and when we say we were sobbing, we were SOBBING. Is there anything quite as sad but sexy as forbidden love? When a wealthy business woman from Seoul ends up across the border into North Korea after a dramatic AF tornado, she is taken in by a North Korean soldier who makes it his mission to get her back home safely. Although they get off to a rocky start, I mean their counties are literal enemies, this addictive K-drama follows Se-ri and Captain Ri as they fall uncontrollably in love. In a world where their countries are at war and they can't be together, you will root for the pair the whole way through the series. Crash Landing On You is deffo’ one to add to your Netflix chick flick list this Blue Monday.

Mean Girls

If one thing can make this January a whole lot better, the fact that Mean Girls in droppin’ on Netflix this week is a huge win. Probably the ultimate chick flick and one of the most quotable movies of all time, we are buzzing. If your Blue Monday has transpired into a blue week, then why not throw a Netflix party with your squad and all watch Mean Girls at the same time? Go one step further and all dress up as a character each for the lol’s. You go Glen Coco!

The Sun Is Also A Star

A classic love story but with Gen-Z vibes, if you wanna ugly cry in front of your laptop screen, then The Sun Is Also A Star is the perfect Blue Monday chick flick. Starring Riverdales’ Charles Melton and Black-ish’s Yara Shahidi, this just-see movie is about fate, timing, and all the little in-betweens, we are obsessed. There’s something about romantic movies set in New York that make you wanna wander around the city and fall in love with a handsome stranger, right? Get your popcorn and tissues at the ready, girl.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before & To All The Boys: Ps. I Still Love You

We always remember our first loves, whether we are still with them or they are a thing of the past, which is why we love a quirky first love chick flick. A roller coaster of emotions and very typical high school boy problems, yet somehow modern and fun, we can’t get enough of the main character Lara Jean Covery, ‘cos there’s a part of her in all of us. Even better, we have a sequel, and part three is coming out in 2021, woo! Netflix chick flick marathon? Yes, please!

The Notebook

It wouldn’t be a Netflix chick flick compilation list if we didn’t add The Notebook, because let’s be real, if you ain’t dehydrated yourself from crying so much after watching it at least once, then today is your day, boo. Whether you’ve had a stressful week at work (yes, we know it’s only Monday) or you simply feel like watching a classic romance tale, then The Notebook will deffo’ fill that void.

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