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In need of a binge-worthy box set for the changing seasons? Look no further, we have collated the newest releases and soon to be released popular Netflix series to watch right now. With the changing seasons approaching, and as we go into the colder months, you need a list of good shows on Netflix that you can flick on whenever you want. There's nothing better than Netflix originals, a pizza and your favourite loungewear set to truly welcome the autumnal weather. When you’re struggling to know what's good on Netflix simply scroll through this list and find your next show to stream, we got you!


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Our first rated Netflix series to watch is You. If you’ve not watched the first season of this yet then where have you been? This is a strange romantic psychological thriller that you just need to see! The third season is due to be released on October 15th 2021. This is definitely in our Netflix top 10. The series is based on Penn, a book shop manager who becomes obsessed with an aspiring writer, and stops at nothing to discover more out about her- and stops at nothing to get closer to her.

Sex Education

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This teen comedy drama should be top of your good shows on Netflix watch list. Sex Education follows socially awkward teen Otis, who isn't the most experienced when it comes to the bedroom. He gets personal guidance from a sex ed course and from his mum Jean who is a sex therapist. Season 3 has just been released on Netflix. If you're in need of a light-hearted watch and a giggle this is the Netflix series to watch.


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This new thriller was released in August this year, if you like tech-based twists this could be the watch for you. Clickbait is one of the good shows on Netflix that you NEED to add to your watch list. The short series features family man Nick, who gets abducted, the family and detectives are following clues to discover who is responsible, resulting in an online sinister twist. Add this to your Netflix top 10 list, right now!


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This series follows Archie, Betty, Jughead and Veronica who are juggling being teenagers in a town full of strange happenings and blood-thirsty criminals. Riverdale needs adding to your Netflix series to watch list if you love a teen drama full of mystery. Riverdale is definitely one of the best shows from the Netflix originals ATM, and season 5 has just been released so go check it out!


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When it comes to good shows on Netflix Outerbanks needs to be on the agenda. Season 2 was released this summer, Outerbanks is a teen drama-thriller. A teenager gets his three best friends to help him search for a legendary treasure which is linked to his fathers disappearance. This is one of the best things on Netflix when it comes to teen dramas. Grab your new loungewear & order your pizza, you’ve got this weekend on the couch sorted, girl!

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