What Libra Season Means For Each Star Sign

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It’s Libra season, b*tches! At 3.21pm on the 22nd September Libra month begins, which means you can officially switch from hot girl summer to chill Autumn girl vibes. Pumpkin spice latte anyone? Whether you’ve got Libra in your chart or want to know how Libra season will affect your star sign, you’ve come to the right place for your astrological queries.

The Libra horoscope challenges us to bring a sense of equal balance to our life. After all the Libra symbol is scales. If you’ve been feeling out of the loop and have been juggling your social and work lives, struggling to find time for both alone time and your relationship, or sticking to a routine while not limiting yourself from any spontaneity, the Libra season is the perfect time to bring some equilibrium t all aspects of your life. Remember, you don't have to form into one stereotype. You can be a boss babe and still enjoy some mid-week Cosmo’s. 

Libra Season for Aries 

Recently hopped back on the dating scene, Aries? Libra month is the perfect opportunity for cuffing season, but remember to not settle for less than you deserve. You may want to find “the one,” but don’t sell yourself short when it comes to picking that special someone. Libra season invites you to find a healthy medium between being open to new people and not lowering your standards for the sake of having a relationship. You don't always have to wait on someone else to fill up your cup, sometimes you have all the ingredients yourself.

Libra Season for Taurus

Taurus, we know you like getting the job done yourself, but once in a while you need to remind yourself that it’s okay to lean on others for help. Libra season invites you to allow a good friend or work colleague to support you, whether that’s by providing you with advice on a personal situation or giving you another perspective on a work project. With the sun in Libra, your decision making will be more balanced with help from others. 

Libra Season for Gemini

Gemini, we know you have the tendency to move around quite a lot, finding it difficult to stay put in one place. If you’ve been experiencing some conflict in a personal relationship, whether than be a romantic one, a friendship or with yourself, Libra season challenges you to find a balance in taking some alone time to think but to also resolve the issue rather than running away. Be strategic with how you want to resolve the issue and face it front on. 

Libra Season for Cancer 

Feel like you’re giving too much without receiving enough back, Cancer? It’s time to master the balance between being both the caregiver and caretaker throughout Libra month. We understand that you have a nurturing side, but you also must channel the need to be nurtured too. Cook your other half a tasty meal but remember to treat yourself to your favourite dessert after.              

Libra Season for Leo

Home isn’t just a place, it’s a state of mind, Leo. This Libra season you need to find an equal balance between creating both a physical safe space and a mental one. Change up your space to cater to your mood by using scented candles, using fresh sheets and mood lighting. Equally, use forms of meditation to change up your mindset, making room for a clearer and more focused space. 

Libra Season for Virgo

We’re all far from perfect, Virgo. Even those who seem like they have their whole life together are struggling behind the scenes. Libra season is all about your meeting halfway to create the perfect harmony between two contradicting feelings or situations. Allow yourself to stay organized and on schedule (this is when you feel most comfortable), but also step out of your comfort zone and don’t punish yourself for swaying slightly outside of your to-do list. 

Libra Season For Libra

Happy Libra month, Libra! Now is your time to shine, with the sun being in your star sign, you’ll be very reflective of the year you’ve just had. You crave a blanched lifestyle, and although it’s good to look back on the last 12 months and the lessons you’ve learned, you should also equally look towards the future. Manifest your hopes and dreams for the year ahead, using the lessons learned to achieve your goals and dreams. Happy birthday, babe!

Libra Season For Sagittarius

You’re always wanting to better yourself Sagittarius and we admire you big time for that. However don’t let this quality be detrimental to how you view your success. Libra season challenges you to appreciate how far you’ve come while still pushing yourself to grow further. Always make room for improvement while remembering to applaud yourself for coming so far in your journey. 

Libra Season For Scorpio

If you’ve been living in a constant battle of finding time to rest and time to keep active, then Libra season will help you set a plan to manage both aspects of your life. While you will find the motivation to keep up with your physical fitness  you’ll also learn the ability to put just as much effort into your mental well-being. You’ll finish Libra month feeling a lot more well rounded, Scorpio. 


You’re a bookworm, Capricorn. Learning and education are very important to you, now it’s time to use this as a tool to spread your knowledge throughout the Libra season. If a colleague or close friend asks for your help in a certain area, be there to offer your assistance. You’ve studied and now it’s time to take the test. 


If you’ve entered a new relationship or friendship, you have a lot of things to set straight Aquarius. This Libra season will set you the challenge to be open to the idea of intimacy, whether than be physically or emotionally, while balancing your need to set boundaries. If you can do both, you’ll pave the way for a long and lasting relationship.


Love the outdoors but all love being a home bird? You inner need to explore conflicts with a sense of settled you feel when you stick to what is familiar to you. This Libra season try to balance the two by going on a new adventure with someone you’re close to or vice versa. You never know what surprises are waiting for you in new pastures. ]

This Libra season has a lot in store for you, and so does our Autumn collection, girl. 

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