Our Fave Miley Cyrus’ Iconic Hairstyles

It's our girl's birthday, Miley is an icon serving us nothing but looks. What better way to celebrate than with a montage of some of her most iconic hairstyles. From Hannah Montana to wrecking ball we have seen Miley sport some very different styles, and we hail her the queen of newness. We love her for shocking us with some iconic short hairstyles and bringing the shaved pixie cut into our lives. 

Iconic Hairstyle #1

We can’t not put this iconic short hairstyle as our number one, this look shocked not only Hannah Montana fans but the world when she decided to trim that bun. Her career also changed dramatically after this haircut..

Iconic Hairstyle #2

Just before Miley went for the memorable pixie bob, she had another glam look, a cute blonde long bob which was nothing short of another iconic hairstyle from Milez. We are in love with this cute number and it has definitely been some inspo for hairdresser trips. 

Iconic Hairstyle #3

We need to put the iconic Miley Cyrus mullet on our top hairstyles lists as this is definitely trending RN, whether Miley started this trend or is just styling it we are here once again for her daring style. 

Iconic Hairstyle #4

Long dreamy brown locks, this was the party in the USA stage and we were all here for it. This was a teen girl's iconic hairstyle inspo that has been engraved in our memory since 2009, and TBH we’re still not over it.

Iconic Hairstyle #5

We can't leave out this lil gem, rock n roll spike vibes to switch up the newly chopped pixie cut. We think Miley was trying to make a statement and break away from her Hannah Montana roots, this was definitely a way to shock with a short spiky iconic hairstyle. 

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