Our Fave Opposite TV Besties

Happy Opposite Day, girl! Wondering what Opposite Day really is? Opposite Day is celebrated on the 25th January each year and is a day to say the exact opposite of what you mean! While the thought of saying the opposite of what you mean can be hard to get your head around, we thought what better way to celebrate the day by taking a deep dive into some of our fave TV characters and their totally opposite besties! From Leslie Knope’s ‘can do attitude’ to Ron Swanson’s pesemestive point of view in Parks & Rec to Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle of Brooklyn Nine Nine, get ready to get in all your feels, this opposite day.

Charlotte York & Samantha Jones - Sex And the City


While the thought of the new Sex And The City reboot is making our hearts melt, the thought of the iconic Samantha Jones NOT returning in the new 10-Episode reboot is almost as bad as Big leaving Carrie at the alter. Looking back at one of the most unusual friendships, Charlotte & Samantha are most definitely on opposite ends of the scale. While Charlotte was obsessed with finding true love and having her perfect ‘Happily Ever After’, Samantha, in true form, was more than happy with her one night stands. As both women saw sex and relationships as two totlly different things, these onscreen besties were always there for each when they needed it most and though they had their occasional argument (like when Samantha slept with Charlotte’s brother) their loving bond and friendship was one like no other.

Jen & Judy - Dead To Me


A turbulent friendship brought together by extremely bad circumstances, Jen and Judy are the definition of #friendship goals. Albeit one tiny little blip in their friendship (or a few), Judy is ever the romantic dreamer with her head in the clouds, while Jen is more down to earth and hard hitting, this friendship is a match made in heaven. Jen and Judy prove that no matter what happens, you always need your friends.

Jake Peralta & Charles Boyle - Brooklyn Nine Nine


You know what they say, opposites attract! The definition of eccentric, Jake Perlta and his right hand man, Charles Boyle, are the definition of BFF’S. Always there for each, Charles is always on board with whatever Jake has been scheming on at the 99th precinct. While Jake can be totally over the top, Charles’ calm nature and mature reasoning is exactly what Jake needs to bring him back down to earth. And when Charles needs a little bit of pizzazz, Jake is right there to add all that OTTness.

Leslie Knope & Ron Swanson - Parks & Recreation


Giving us best friend realness, Leslie & Ron are more like family than friends. Although they have their ups and downs during the series and an argument that results in them not speaking for a while, we always knew they were gonna be the ultimate best friends. While their personal beliefs and morals could not be more different, Leslie’s ambition for better government and her passion for all things great along with Ron’s hatred for the government and his ‘stuck in his ways’ attitude, make them the perfect pair.

Phoebe, Rachel & Monica - Friends


One was hippy, one was preppy and one was a clean obsessed, need we say more? While Phoebe always had her head in the clouds, Monica worked for everything she had and Rachel’s caring and (sometimes) selfless nature, it was only obvious that these girls were going to make the best of friends. While they couldn’t be more opposite, these girls are always there to support one another and we see over the seasons just how good of friends they are.

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