The Least Compatible Star Signs

If you’re an astrology hun like us, then the first thing you probably want to know about a potential new suitor is their star sign, ‘cos if it ain’t aligned in the stars then it’s a huge no, right? Some of us get too caught up in seeking what star signs we are most compatible with, we often forget to steer clear of those we are the least compatible with. As it’s opposites day, we thought we would treat you to the DL on what zodiac sign you should pie off right away.

Aries & Cancer

As the old saying goes, “opposites attract,” however when it comes to Aries and Cancer, you can chuck this old proverb out the window. Aries are bold in every aspect of their lives and you’re a real boss babe, however Cancer’s tend to be of a more reserved nature, with an appreciation for laying it low. Forget the whole meeting in the middle, Aries and Cancer are too different to balance each other out, boo. Do you always want to be the one speaking out when a restaurant brings you the wrong dish? Or left spending nights out without your bae because they’d rather stay at home watching Come Dine With Me? I think not. Keep letting your wild side play!

Taurus & Leo

Taurus’ Are chilled AF and Leo’s are notoriously known for being the life and soul of the party. Don’t be fooled by Rom-Com’s, ‘cos these two star signs are deffo’ not a match made in heaven. From making simple decisions like what to eat for dinner or whether to hit up the club or not. The way you each approach life could be a recipe for disaster, and who wants arguments over cuddles in a relationship, right? Taurus and Leo are on completely opposite sides of the scale, and that’s where they should both stay, babe.

Gemini & Pisces

Although Gemini’s and Pisces can sometimes work things out, our astrology senses are telling you that if you aren’t feeling it from the star, then you should probably let that sh*t go, girl. Although both star signs are slow burners when it comes to the romance department, you do need some level of fireworks and butterflies, and in most cases Gemini’s and Pisces won’t find this with each other.

Capricorn & Scorpio

Capricorn’s are one of the most ambitious star signs (go get that dolla', girl), however, Scorpio’s need a great deal of loyalty in a relationship. So what happens when a boss babe Capricorn gets an amazing new job opportunity in a different city but their Scorpio partner expects them to stay out of loyalty? Houston, we have a problem. We should all be unapologetically selfish in our twenties, especially when it comes to our careers, and this is where the difference in character comes in to cause mayhem in a Capricorn and scorpio relationship. Save yourself both a headache and heartache in advance, doll.

Libra & Sagittarius

Libra’s are known for romanticising everything in their lives. From their morning cup of coffee, walking down the street listening to music pretending they are their main character, and more detrimentally, their relationships. Of course, all relationships should have elements of romance, however the headstrong Sagittarius tendencies might clash with the dreamy mind of a Libra, ultimately making things more sour than sweet. When it comes to star signs that just aren’t compatible from the get go, these two are clear winners.

Aquarius & Virgo

One main personality trait of an Aquarius is their passion and positive outlook for the future, embracing changes and new opportunities. Whether it’s a job or trying new food, all you Aquarius babes are out right away. Although Virgos are highly patient, they are also known for being a lil’ critical. When an Aquarius is daydreaming about travelling across Asia or deep ocean diving with dolphins, their Virgo counterpart is probably being a little more realistic about how much it would cost. What happens in the situation? A raging argument. It’s fair to say that these two star signs should avoid each other romantically at all costs.

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