Our Favourite Candle Brands For 2021

Fairy lights dimmed, fresh sheets on, scented candles lit, that’s how we roll, baby. Throughout the pandemic, candles really had their moment, right? Amazing for creating sulty scents, fresh fragrances that set the mood, and helping to release stress and anxiety, give your personal space a touch of Zen with some of our favourite candle brands of 2021.

Spiral Tapered Candles

You’ve probably seen this aesthetic AF spiral tapered candles all over Instagram this year, and we are dying to get our hands on some. Pastel tones combined with quirky shapes? Yes, please! Add them to your favourite candlestick holders and host a virtual dinner party with your friends for some seriously chic vibes. We are loving Sophie Conran’s coloured tapered candles for creating a retro style in your home, whether it’s your kitchen or bedroom, these stunnin’ candles will take your home decor from 0 to 100, real quick.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option to coloured tapered candles and wanna support small businesses then Etsy is perfect for finding funky products that will make your bedroom look like the ultimate zen den. Our fave’ shops are Interlude Candles, Lex Pott Twist Candles and BlokCandl.

Jo Malone

A classic homeware product, Jo Malone candles aren't a need but a must. With a range of scents curated to match any mood, you can live your best chilled out life when you light one of these gorgeous candles. Now that we are spending more time at home, creating a space that makes you feel calm and relaxed is essential for your well-being, girl. Adding a touch of luxury to your home, Jo Malone candles are loved by influencers and bloggers, and will soon become your fave’ self-care product, babe.

Urban Apothecary

Be at one with nature from the comfort of your bedroom with Urban Apothecary candles, the perfect scent to create a wholesome feel while you're working from home. Whether you want to focus on work, reduce your anxiety levels or create a warming atmosphere, you need to add Urban Apothecary candles to your monthly shopping list, girl. Our personal favourites are the Fig Tree Mini Candle and the Red Cedar candle. Whatever your mood, use these beautiful candles to create a setting that you enjoy. Self care? You’ve got that on check, boo.

NEOM Perfect Night Sleep

Give your self-care routine a touch of glamour when you go for NEOM Perfect Nights Sleep candles, a game changer when it comes to scoring the perf’ slumber. Feel refreshed and energized for the day ahead when you light these essential oils infused candles in the evening while you read or watch Netflix. Filled with hints of lavender and jasmine, there’s no way you won’t feel relaxed AF. We love light NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep candles while we soak up some “me time” in the bath right before we get into bed. Set out some fresh pyjamas, a night time tea, and light your Neom candle for a magical sleep. You deserve it, hun!

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