What To Do On Valentine's Day If You're Single

It’s officially less than 2 weeks until our Insta feed is filled with sickeningly sweet couples boasting the overpriced (and often underwhelming) gifts bought by their ‘lovers’ who have defo slid into your DMs on more than one occasion. We’re talking about Valentine’s Day 2021 - YAY *in sarcasm*. Whilst it’s no doubt turned into a day where couples silently compete via long-winded stories, a dedicated post on the grid and even an exclusive ‘add image to Facebook’ - which we’re bored of BTW - it’s still possible to celebrate Valentine's Day whilst single. Because, let’s face it, the biggest love of all is the one you have with yourself, right, girl? So if you’re wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single, we hear you, boo. Whether you recently lost a ton of weight (a.k.a. your bae) or you’re no stranger to being single on Valentine’s Day, we’ve got tons of Valentine’s Day ideas for you to try this year. From buying that damn lingerie set (and even a buzzing bud), to embracing all kinds of GRLPWR by reading every woman’s handbook (we’re talking about ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’) then we’ve got stacks of inspo for you to steal.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2021, babe!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for YOU

Babe, you work hard for this and when you don’t have to spend money on Valentine’s Day gifts for them, you’ve got that extra cash in YOUR pocket. Also, what beats having to fake happy when you receive that, quite frankly, disgusting jewellery from bae? That’s right, nothing. Want to know some Valentine’s Day facts? Brits spend on average £20 - £30 on gifts for their bae; £20 - £30 that could be spent on either a stunning outfit, a Deliveroo 3 course or at least 3 bottles of decent wine. So for Valentine’s Day 2021, we challenge you to buy at least two things on your wishlist. Whether it’s an expensive skin cream you’re after or those half price slippers, be sure to treat yourself! We know we will be.

Valentine’s Day Date With the Besties

Sure, Galentine’s Day may officially fall on the 13th Feb, but that’s not to say you can’t double up and enjoy two days on Zoom dedicated to drinking cheap wine from your local corner shop. Put together a hilarious Zoom quiz, share Valentine’s Day horror stories and relish in all that single life has to offer - A LOT btw. After all, we’ve already met our soul mates (our squad) and as mega queen Samantha Jones reminds us: men are for f*cking [and nothing else]. Yeah, we may have added that last bit. Bottom line is - nothing quite beats a friend’s Valentine’s Day.

Social Media Detox

If you’re newly single and want to know what to do on Valentine’s Day - that would previously have been spent with bae (they’re not worth it FYI) - then we’ve got you. Whilst we stand by the above, we strongly recommend having a social media detox. If being alone on Valentine’s Day is really getting you down, then an Insta ban is totally worth it, because who wants to see those god awful flowers? You’re not missing out on much, babe. Instead of scrolling mindlessly, stalking your ex, or silently punishing yourself, why not take a walk and listen to your fave podcast? However you find peace, do it!

Write a Love Letter to Yourself

Whilst you may not be receiving a cringe-worthy Valentine’s Day card, why not write a love letter to yourself? Fill with motivational Valentine’s Day quotes, positive affirmations and manifestations to remind yourself who the real love of your life is. Hint: it’s you. If you don’t feel like writing a letter to yourself - DW, it can feel uncomfortable - then we recommend writing a list of your hopes and dreams for the year and initiating ways in which you can start to achieve these. Glow get ‘em, boo!

Read a Book

Even if you’re not single, please take it upon yourself to read the most loved book of 2020. Florence Given’s ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’ guarantees to make you feel like the strong and independent women you feel about. Why? Because you are one, girl! If you didn’t know just quite what you’re capable of, then an hour spent reading this thought-provoking manifesto will unlock the power within you. Release that negative inner dialogue, quit faking happiness to save the ego of your bae, and simply leave toxic vibes behind. Winning? Always.

Now you’re stocked up on things to do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single, it’s high time to grab your cosies and hunker down with your pooch and a cuppa. Shop our loungewear collection for trending laidback looks that’ll look and feel amaze, or dial up the drama with Valentine's Day outfits from the Valentine's Day edit. If you’re not shying away from the ‘gram - go you, boo - then be sure to snap a killer pic and use the #luxegal hashtag for a chance to be featured on our page.

If you still don’t know what to do on Valentine’s Day, then our blog page promises to keep you entertained. What are you waiting for? 

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