Push Up bikini fashion: The best solution for small busts

Push Up bikini fashion: The best solution for small busts

Push up bikini fashion can save lives! Maybe many of you guys won't understand what I'm talking about – you can get a bikini set without caring about your bust size cause they never seemed to be a problem - but girls with the little busts problem are so engaged with this issue. I know that this can be awful sometimes not being able to wear anything you like because of your breasts size but don't worry at all. The lifesaving fashion of push up bikini sets can solve your problem without any need for breast augmentations! Of course these are not the exact eternal solution but hey, who doesn't like a good fashion trick for a great look? Well, maybe you're asking yourself that why I'm talking about this crystal clear facts of fashion! But the issue of today is not talking about the benefits of push up bikini fashion but to teach you how to style them up. Yeah! Bikinis can also be styled up differently than how they normally look. Sometimes you have to be very careful with padded bikinis especially super push up bikinis. So let's see the latest fashion tricks and trends of summer 2018 on push up bikinis.

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Extreme push up bikinis

The best push up bikinis for extra small breasts are the halter neck ones. Pads or no pads they will push your busts up because of the force from their straps hanging around your neck. But sometimes they can make a worse look and it totally depends on your choices. For example:

  • If you have small busts with a tiny body shape, then you should definitely avoid wearing push up swimsuits one piece, because they will make an opposite effect on your look. The on piece tight swimsuit won't make your boobs look greater but opposite, it will make your whole body look tinier. But there are also some perfect pieces for you that can be worn without any bad appearance. Swimsuits like the multi coloured striped swimsuit are the finest choices for you in one piece swimwear pieces.
  • It's exactly vice versa about pear shaped body styles. A push up swimsuit one piece is perfect here since it can make you look so well-shaped. The curves get more focus and the extra fat around your waist can go up with a sexy high rise swimsuit. The pattern would better be divided. What I mean is that if you want to wear colourful or patterned swimsuits, try to keep the pattern from under your bust line to the bottom. The breast part should definitely stay solid unless you don't want to enlarge their look. Also wearing simple bikini sets is not recommended for you. While some cute push up bikinis might really tempt you, it's better to let other swimwear UK 2018 trends shape your body for best results. You can read more about this here in our recent post.

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Padded push up bikinis

As long as there are pads, who needs boob jobs!? They can do the exact same thing except in the places which you'll need to get topless! So as long as you have your padded push up bikini top on, there's no need to worry! The fuchsia padded bikini top is a super push up bikini and definitely my favorite among swimwear UK 2018 trends. It’s is one of those cute push up bikinis that will make you look super sexy. But, there's a little tip about this (like always!) that is the pad's size

If you want to make extreme busts for yourself, then making it with a super thick padded bikini top won't be a very good idea. Try to make it with a mixture of tricks. A normal pad would do it perfectly if used with a horizontal striped pattern. You can also use colours with the lowest contrast with your skin colour. The only situation that heavy and thick pads are allowed are under some special fabrics that won't show the bra's thickness under it.

Now that you know the secret tips of push up bikinis, you can start shopping your push up bikini sets at femmeluxefinery, the cheapest online clothing store UK for the greatest style and newest trends.

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