The Best Cult Classic Movies To Stream Now

Get ready for the ultimate couch potato weekend because we’ve got a mega list of cult classic movies for you to stream right now. It’s September, so you’re officially permitted to spend the weekend indoors in front of the TV watching cult classics without judgement. Grab the prosecco and popcorn and invite your besties round to re-live all the teenage angst from these cult classics. BTW the fact that all of these cult classics are based in American High Schools is purely unintentional… although it may have something to do with our obsession with wanting to go to one in our teens. It’s gonna be a long weekend so make sure you’ve got a cute loungewear set and a face mask at the ready for your cult classic movie marathon, babe!

Cult Classic #1

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The first cult classic on our list is the absolute iconic Twilight movie. We’re only talking about the first instalment of the franchise here since it became a major cultural phenomenon after that. This cult classic movie created a whole generation of thirsty teens who would literally have died for Robert Pattinson (unless you were Team Jacob obvs). You can re-watch this cult classic movie and all of the subsequent follow ups on Netflix right now so get your Cullen Crests at the ready and relive all the melodrama from the little town of Forks (population 3,120 people).

Cult Classic #2

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Mean Girls is the cult classic film that defined the 2000s. From the Plastics to the Art Freaks, we all resonated with the characters in this cult classic and the cringe-inducing moments like a drunken Cady throwing up over Aaron made us all feel a little better for our similar experiences. This cult classic film is worth re-watching to remind yourself of the origin of those quotes that have no doubt become a permanent fixture in your vocab.

Cult Classic #3

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10 Things I Hate About You is one of those cult classics that has it all. From Heath Ledger singing Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off You to pretty much every line spoken by Julia Stiles' feminist heroine character Kat, this is a cult classic for the ages. I burn, I pine, I perish… To watch this cult classic right now.

Cult Classic #4

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The only cult classic horror movie on our list is Jennifer’s Body because it’s a masterpiece. Although it flopped when it was first released like many eventual cult classics do, this became a fan favourite when people realised it wasn’t supposed to be a sexy horror for teenage boys, it was actually for the female gaze. You can watch this cult classic horror movie on Prime Video now.

Cult Classic #5

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Bring it on was without a doubt one of the best cult classic movies of the 00’s. Cult classics don’t come more cheesy than this but we love it regardless. Flamboyance aside, this cult classic really delves into some important topics like cultural theft which was as prevalent a topic then as it is now. If you fancy watching a fun movie that has a little substance, this is for you.

What are you waiting for? Start your cult classic binge now for a weekend filled with nostalgic dreaming. 

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