The best Dating Apps To Use In 2020

This year more than ever, it is fair to say that dating apps saved a lot of our love lives, which is why we are giving you the lowdown on the best dating apps to use in 2020. Whether you are a long time patron or a newbie to the dating scene, these dating apps will deffo’ help match with your dream bae. Whether you need brushing up on your opening lines or wanna look for love beyond your city, these best free dating apps in the U.Kwill cater to you every need. Get ready for some romance, babe!


So, you’ve downloaded Hinge onto your phone and you’re ready to meet the man of your dreams, but what the hell do you say? Talking about ourselves on a dating app can be hugely nerve wrecking, which is why we are absolutely loving the hundreds of prompt questions Hinge gives you to choose from. Desert Island dish? Something people don’t know about you? The shower though I had recently… the list goes on. If you are someone who struggles with words, then this feature is a blessing in disguise on a dating app. Hinge sells itself as “the dating app made to be deleted,” and is probs better for us gals that are looking for a long term thing rather than a one night fling (which may I add, is also completely acceptable)


With over 30 billion dates to match on Tinder, there is someone for everyone, no matter what kind of set-up you are looking for. Whether it’s a new future bae or a one night stand, Tinder is deffo’ the leading dating app in the world when it comes to finding a match to suit whatever mood you are in. One feature we are obsessed with on this dating app is that you can change your location and match with people in different cities across the world. So if you’re heading off on holiday in the near future and need someone to show you around the bedroom, I mean area, then Tinder is deffo’ the dating app for you, girl. Happy swiping!


If you’re looking to switch your love life up a bit on the world of dating apps, then Bumble is definitely a good idea. Set up so that the woman has to spark the first conversation after you match, it’s time to make your move, babe. Although it is primarily photo based and the talking is left to when you actually match with a potential new boo, it is a very safe dating app for women to use. Get your flirting game on and enjoy all the features this free dating app has to offer!


Okay, so we know that Instagram may not be designed specifically for dating, but it is a great way to get to know people and build connections. If you’ve always had the hots for that guy you went to university with or wanna reconnect with an old fling, then sliding into their DM’s can often be the golden buzzer of dating. If you don’t wanna be that forward, then start off by liking a few of their older pictures, just to let them know you’re interested, or reply to their stories. Using Instagram as a way of finding love is great for those of you gals who are too cringed out to use dating apps. Go get ‘em, babe!

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