3 Winter Skincare Tips To Beat Dry Skin

Ease your skin into the AW transition and get hot on all most loved tricks and winter skin care tips ahead of those frosty months. Get inspo on everything from how to prevent dry skin in winter, to the best winter skincare products to stock up on, just in time for the snowy season, with our ultimate skincare guide. Learn how to deal with winter dryness with the best moisturiser for dry skin, and prepare to solve all those winter skin struggles that you’ve spent all year dreading. Ditch dull and dry complexions when you learn how taking care of skin in winter can really affect those - dare we say? - fine lines and wrinkles. And be the guru your squad needs when the chat starts pinging with dry skin dramas. Dry skin in winter? Don’t know her!


Whilst you may have only just finished adding-to-basket top cleaners for beating oily skin in summer, it’s (nearly) time to start thinking about flaky skin, dry cheeks and chapped lips - sorry, we don’t control the seasons! If you’ve been using foamy cleaners all year to control the not-so-pretty effects of heat and humidity, then you’re about to treat your skin to some serious winter hydration. In order to lock in the goodness and keep dry skin in winter at a minimum, then you’ll wanna add a creamy cleanser to your night stand. Hydrating cleansers work by enriching the skin with hyaluronic acid and other protective elements, leaving skin feeling refreshed but not totally dried out!

Hydrate & Moisturize

So you’ve checked out some of the best winter skincare products, and have switched your cleanser to something a lil more hydrating - great work, doll. Keep up the good work and seal in the moisture when you add barrier-repair moisturizers to your winter wish list. Shop hydrating day creams to drastically reduce the chances of falling victim to a dry face, or opt for basically any moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid. Creams and serums containing this supplementing element are some of the best moisturizers for dry skin in winter, as it helps to moisturize and quench your skin. Brighten, boost and reduce pigmentation when you combine hyaluronic acid with vitamin c - this helps improve overall complexion and create the extra glow you need in winter!

Want to know a secret? Some of the best skin care for dry skin isn’t always found in a bottle. If you’re a coffee lover, then it’s bad news for you! Forget at 3 o’clock coffee that helps you power through the afternoon, and switch to an anti-oxidising drink, like green tea, to help ensure ultimate skin hydration. Don’t forget to drink lots of water too!


If you don’t do this already, then you should probs start, babe, as it’s possibly the best thing for dry skin! If your Google search history is filled with endless questions trying to find out how to get rid of dry skin, then you can finally stop searchin’. Adding an exfoliator to your evening skincare routine will really help remove dry skin cells that can totally flaw your complexion. This will help you have a more even skin tone, so good it’s sure to make you wanna go makeup free.

And finally, don’t forget to use an SPF during winter as well - even though the sun’s not shining as much (brb whilst we grab the tissues), UV rays are still present. Top up on SPF serum and creams to avoid any premature aging, your skin will thank us!

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