The Best Places For A Staycation

It’s official. Your yearly trip to Ibiza has been cancelled; pool parties, day raves and the holiday ‘drobe you spent months planning are what feels like a thing of the past, right, girl? Don’t ditch the bikinis just yet though, boo. With the UK set to feel some heat this summer, a staycation in the UK could be your next best option. Whether you and your bae are in need of some srs downtime and want to check out the best places for a staycation, or you're desp for some hotel staycation ideas for you and your best girls, we’ve got ya covered. From top UK cities to visit for a vibey weekend away, to the most visited places in the UK for a total beachy feels without stepping foot on a plane, we’ve rounded up some of our fave staycation ideas that are right on your doorstep. Happy Holidays, babe!

1. London

londonPhoto Credit: Lonely Planet

It goes without saying, London is one of the best places to enjoy a fun filled weekend away with the squad. Whilst it’s defo not the cheapest, its bustling streets will keep you entertained all weekend long. Explore main tourist attractions that millions travel across the globe for, or stick to more indie-style pubs, bars and restaurants for a chilled AF trip that’ll look amaze on the ‘gram. Your inner foodie just thanked you!

2. Wales

Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping
Old but gold, it’s fair to say we’ve all been on holiday to Wales at least once, and why wouldn’t you wanna go back? With stunning landscapes and backdrops, it’s one of the top 10 places to go on holiday in the UK. Whether you wanna visit North Wales and explore classic seaside towns, such as Llandudno or Anglesey, or want a more party vibe in cities like Cardiff, it’s a safe option worth considering.

3. Cornwall

newquayPhoto Credit: The Crazy Tourist

Easily one of the best places for a staycation, Cornwall is home to some of the UK’s most stunning beaches and beauty spots. If you’re looking for a more active and adventurous trip away, Cornwall is a go-to destination for aspiring surfers. Explore surfing towns like Newquay for an exciting trip with a thriving spirit that’ll keep you and your squad busy.

4. The Cotswolds

the cotswoldsPhoto Credit: Viator

Romantic trip away? We hear you, boo. What better way to enjoy that long awaited downtime with your bae than to recharge in the quintessential English countryside? Replace your everyday worries with brewery tours and stunning nature walks that the pics really don’t do justice. Stay in a pet friendly hotel or local B&B and take your pooch with you for a relaxing AF trip you never knew you needed.

5. Edinburgh

edinburghPhoto Credit: Eaquals

Take a trip to the capital of Scotland and lap up all kinds of Scottish culture and heritage. A bustling city trip with plenty of things for everyone to enjoy, it’s one of our fave staycation ideas. With castles and festivals that pay homage to the city’s past, to bustling shops and a thriving nightlife, it’s the ultimate hybrid of past and present and the ideal spot for a summer staycation.
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