The Best Podcasts To Listen To

Join your squad in discussing personalised niches and get rich on podcast recommendations - ready for the next time someone asks - with our ultimate round up of some of the best podcasts to listen to. To celebrate International Podcast day, we’re narrowing down that long list of popular podcasts; encouraging you to jump into a brand new series that’s sure to help you stay occupied and informed on your daily commute. Dip in and out of interesting podcasts, perf’ for listening while you work, or tune into your deeper self with top podcasts for self-care. With some of the most popular podcasts for health and wellbeing to choose from, and UK true crime podcasts to help you satisfy your inner haunt, we’ve officially got you covered. We hope you’re iTuned in, girl, because you’re gonna love our list of best podcasts 2020.

The Receipts

Want to know one of the best podcasts to listen to if 2020 has left you feeling like you’ve missed out on that much-needed girl-talk? Find comfort in the happy place of Tolly, Milena and Audrey as they discuss pretty much everything you’d speak about with your squad. Find answers to situation-ship struggles and friend foes, or get invited to those intimate conversations usually reserved for the group chat. We promise you’ll find yourself laughing!

Oloni - Laid Bare

Familiar with this sex guru causing drama on Twitter? If you love her ‘text your boyfriend....’ tweets that ruffle a few relationships (all in good jest, of course) and brutally honest sex-periences provided by her hot and honest followers, her Laid Bare podcast is one going to be one of the best podcasts for you. Leave him on read and join Oloni and the gang in discussing most talked about taboos. Everything really is ‘laid bare’. 

Ferne Cotton - Happy Place

In need of some Monday motivation as you head into work? We know the Monday blues can be real, which is why Ferne Cotton’s Happy Place is one of the best podcasts to listen to in the morning. Providing you with insight on mental health and mindfulness, Ferne invites famous names to join the discussion about happiness and what it means to them. As one of the most listened to podcasts, you can be sure to find solace and inspiration in these 40 min episodes.

Louis Theroux - Grounded With Louis Theroux

If you found yourself binging Louis Theroux documentaries over lockdown, then you can be sure that his brand new podcast is one of the most interesting you can listen to this month. Grounded With Louis Theroux catches up with guests from some of his earliest shows - some of which you'll probs recognise - to discuss their life since the show aired, lockdown and life. Featuring the occasional star guest, it’s one of the post popular podcasts to listen to RN.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

Fall even more in love with her following her book Becoming? Us too, boo. As one of the top podcasts to listen to for culture, the former first lady opens up fresh new conversations with a range of guests, starting with her husband, Barack Obama. Her recently launched podcast flew to the top of the podcast charts, and it’s Michelle as you’ve never seen her before. Discussing mental health, racism and much more, it’s a good podcast to listen to if you’re wanting to further your understanding, knowledge and compassion.

They Walk Among Us

October - welcoming chunky knits and dark nights. Get totally spooked this month with a new true crime podcast and delve into mysteries that shocked the nation. Award-winning and totally gripping, They Walk Among Us is one of the best UK podcasts for true crime. With murders, kidnapping and occasionally surreal accounts of crime, our host covers all the gruesome details of famous crimes committed in the UK. 

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