The Best Relaxation Techniques For You To Try

In honour of National Relaxation Day, we’ve rounded up a list of our fave relaxation techniques to help you find your inner calm and refocus your attention. Feel like you’ve been going 100mph lately? It’s so important to avoid burnout and take some time for you, so these relaxation techniques are essential to add to your regular routine. Whether it’s anxiety, sleep or just general stress that you’re struggling with, our roundup of tried and tested relaxation techniques will aid you in that never ending journey for tranquility... look it’s not a trip to Bali but it’ll do. For a really transformational experience, combine your favourite relaxation techniques with your daily manifestations. Miranda Kerr ain’t got nothing on you girl!                          

Relaxation Techniques For Anxiety

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One of our fave relaxation techniques for anxiety has got to be using healing crystals. Healing crystals are often praised for their ability to improve the energy in a room and help get rid of all those bad vibes (haters will say it isn’t true). Wellness crystals supposedly possess stress relieving qualities making them the perfect travel sized anxiety busters! With huge celeb names like the Hadids and the Kardashians backing these unassuming relaxation techniques for anxiety, it’s worth trying for yourself! If this relaxation technique doesn’t work for you…. well at least you’ll have a cute decoration for your living room.

Relaxation Techniques For Sleep

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There is no better way to get back your energy than relaxation techniques for sleep. If you’ve exhausted all the traditional methods (counting sheep is just bs let’s be honest), then try Calm, the #1 relaxation app for sleep and meditation. Whether you prefer soothing rain sounds or you need to be taken right back to childhood with a bedtime story, these sound based relaxation techniques are the most effective for improving REM sleep. The Calm bedtime stories are a tad different to your childhood ones, featuring well-known readings from celebs like Cillian Murphy, Idris Elba and even Harry Styles! So screw those weird relaxation techniques for sleep like practising yoga for 4 hours prior and let your fave former 1D member lull you to sleep instead.

Relaxation Techniques For Stress

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The key to all relaxation techniques for stress is to get yourself comfortable so you need a decent loungewear set first. The next step is to put on a face mask, slather your hair in oil and pick a trashy Netflix show to kick back with. That’s all it takes really. Relaxation techniques don't have to be difficult, the whole point of self-care is to slow down and take a breath! If you are more of a do-er though, one of the most proactive relaxation techniques for stress is to pick a self-care book and jot down your thoughts to really help work through your feelings and find your inner zen. If you’ve already got a few books on the back-burner, let Audible do the work for you and try listening to a book while walking your pooch or baking your fail-safe banana bread - or is that just so last lockdown?

However you choose to spend National Relaxation Day make sure you try out some of our relaxation techniques to help you switch off properly.

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