The Uni Essentials You Need For September

Counting the days till you fly the nest? Make sure you’re prepped for the big move with our guide to uni essentials. If you’re thinking ‘I need more than a litre bottle of vodka and a pot noodle?!’ then this uni essentials blog is a must-read for you. Don’t get us wrong, alcohol and cheap food is practically a university rite of passage but you really should consider adding a few other uni essentials to your suitcase. For most of you, storage space is gonna be quite limited so it’s important to be strict with what you take. Sure it’s nice to have an espresso maker, but should it be on your uni essentials list? Probably not. We’ve covered everything from dresses to decoration so read on to make sure you haven’t missed anything from your uni essentials list.

Bedroom Essentials

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We’re sure you’ve already packed your duvet and pillows but don’t forget about your other uni room essentials. Arguably photos and fairy lights should be one of your top uni essentials items because they'll make your room feel less clinical which is majorly helpful for overcoming homesickness. If you’ve got the room, add a rug and a couple of plants to your uni room essentials list… and while you’re at it, throw in a couple of decorative cushions and a salt lamp - it’ll really liven up the place. PSA: Ikea is about to become your new best friend.

Kitchen/Housekeeping Essentials

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Any uni list of essentials should include pots and pans, cutlery and a few things to eat out of (we’re talking about plates and bowls not tupperware btw). A few cups and glasses will serve you well too over your time at uni. If you’re into hinching, you’re going to need a lot of cleaning chemicals to survive living with fresher housemates so add storage containers to your uni essentials list to keep things nice and orderly. Don’t forget that you’ve got three years of study, so investing a little extra in your uni essentials for better quality might be something to consider!

Clothing Essentials

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As soon as that student loan drops, make sure you stock up on some uni essentials like loungewear and night out ‘fits. Newsflash - there’s going to be a few times that you’ll be out till all hours and remember you’ve got a 9am lecture, so make sure you’re ready to run by adding a decent pair of trainers to your uni essentials list. If all you’ve packed for nightwear is your fave Disney PJs then you might want to consider adding something a little sexier to your uni essentials list…y’know just in case.

The general rule of thumb is that if your stuff doesn't fit into the back of a car then it might be too much. Remember that you’re not moving to Mars and if you forget any uni essentials you can just buy them at the nearest supermarket or ask your parents to bring them down when they visit. You got this, girl!

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