The Best Tattoo For Your Star Sign

Desp to get inked, but just can’t commit to somethin’ just yet? Whether you’re gettin’ a tattoo for the first time or you’re no stranger to the inkin’ process, finding the best tattoo can be a challenge. I mean, do you get that meaningful quote instead of that tiny heart? Or do you want your tatt that makes a bold statement with tons of colour and design? Whatever tattoo style you prefer, nothin’ captures your spirit quite like star sign tattoos. Wanna know which tattoo you should get next? Read on to find out which is the best tattoo for your star sign!

Aries Star Sign Tattoo

Wanna know the best tattoo for Aries star signs? Known for oozing confidence and passion, it’s fair to say Aries gals are not afraid to express themselves. Aries can be a lil fiery and direct when it comes to getting straight to the point, which is why Aries babes should get a bold tattoo to really capture their energy. Bold doesn’t have to mean big, so why not try geometric shapes and lines for a subtle but statement tatt that’ll look amaze on your wrist?

Taurus Star Sign Tattoo

It’s known that Taurus doll’s LOVE the finer things in life - not that we can blame you! Whilst you may be a tad materialistic, you’re not ignorant in nature and often admire its beauty. When it comes to selecting the perfect tattoo for Taurus star signs, we suggest opting for florals and foliage to really capture your love of nature. Place a detailed flower tattoo on your forearm for a cute ink that'll compliment any outfit.

Gemini Star Sign Tattoo

A true social butterfly, Gemini’s are one of the most sociable signs there is. You’re always on the lookout for new places to visit, new hobbies and experiences. When it comes to embracing the freedom that Gemini's are mostly known for, we love bird tattoos, babe! Make sure you’re always flying high by adding a bird related ink. If you’re not keen on birds, how about a beaut feather? Either way, the sky’s the limit for you Gemini!

Cancer Star Sign Tattoo

As a Cancer girl, family and friends mean everything. You’re extremely sentimental and love things to have meanings, which is why finding the right tattoo couldn’t be more important! Whilst we’re not totally against name tattoos, you defo shouldn't rule out having a member of your nearest and dearest inked! If you’re not keen on name tattoos, why not get your fave quote on your arm or ankle? It’s sure to keep you focused and help through difficult times!

Leo Star Sign Tattoos

We gotta admit: Leo star signs are absolute party babes, which means a big no to subtle tattoos! You’re confident, purposeful and a true leader - go you, boss babe! Whist some may call you arrogant, you’re a lioness and are defo not one to be messed with. Show off your dominance by sporting a cute lion tattoo (kinda like Cara Delivigne’s finger tattoo), or opt for a crown tattoo and embrace the true queen you are.

Virgo Star Sign Tattoo

Keen to know which is the best tattoo for a Virgo star sign? Bein’ a lil introverted, Virgo’s don’t really like being the centre of attention, so small tattoos are a total win when it comes to picking the ultimate Virgo star sign tattoo. We suggest sporting a more detailed tattoo in a less obvious place, such as finger or nape. Opt for a little lotus flower, mandala tattoo or a relatable quote that can be a hidden gem known only by you.

Libra Star Sign Tattoo

Ruled by Venus, Libra’s are all about love, beauty and money. If you’re a Libra gal, you’re likely always striving for balance in all aspects of your life. You value partnership and are constantly with your bestie. Ever thought about pairing up and getting a matching tattoo with your best girl, or a couple tattoo with your bae? We recommend a heart tattoo to signify your love and commitment regardless who you’re sharing it with!

Scorpio Star Sign Tattoo

The most intimate star sign, Scorpio’s are dominated by passion and their feelings, which is why choosing the right tattoo is a matter of love it or hate it. Being a water sign, you’re extremely adaptable and possess a sense of power wherever you are, but that isn’t to say you’re keen on visible tattoos. Your intimate nature means hidden tattoos on your ribcage or beneath the waist are your go to. We suggest getting a sensual rose on the side of your ribcage, babe!

Sagittarius Star Sign Tattoo

Lover of freedom, certified wanderlust and travel enthusiast. You hate to be tied down by commitments and are constantly itching to get away. Can you guess which is the best tattoo for Sagittarius star signs? Geographical imagery, such as maps and compasses are your must-have tattoo! We have heart eyes over wrist tattoos, particularly ones of the world! If you’re not into images, why not opt for the coordinates of your fave location?

Capricorn Star Sign Tattoo

Hardworking, determined and a true girl boss! Capricorns are passionate about what they do and aren’t afraid to remind themselves of it. If you’re lookin’ for the ultimate Capricorn star sign tattoo, a one word ink can really reveal your inner self, boo! But what we recommend most for these organised babes is triangles, lines and arrows that reflect your true sense of direction.

Aquarius Star Sign Tattoo

A rebel with a high moral code, Aquarius’s have a strong sense of self and do-good personality. You don’t play by the rule book - not that there is one - and you are always thinking outside of the box! When it comes to picking a star sign tattoo to reflect your individuality, why not opt for a white tattoo? If you’re not a fan of white ink, be sure to check out a detailed mandala to help capture your love of life and appreciation of the universe.

Pisces Star Sign Tattoo

One of the most spiritual signs, Pisces dolls are romantic and mysterious. You’re often caught day-dreaming and possess an air of the unknown which often makes you difficult to read. If you’re lookin’ for the best tattoo for your star sign, we predict an ink with your dreamy constellation is the perfect tattoo for you. This tatt is best placed on your shoulder or neck for a small yet statement ink that will help keep you grounded.
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