Your August Horoscope


Been searchin’ for some srs inspo to help you get back on your ‘A’ game? You’re in luck, doll! News just in: Your August horoscope 2020 is about to give you all kinds of boss babe energy! When it comes to embracin’ our inner #GirlBoss, our trusty cosmos always have our back, which is why your monthly horoscope for August is lookin’ mega. Whether you’re wanting some reassurance to help you nail your upcomin’ job interview, or have relationship woes you wanna straighten out, we’ve got all the aid n’ advice you need to help you slay the season!

Wanna know what your Aries horoscope has in store for you this month? It’s fair to say the last few months have probably left you feelin’ a lil deflated and confused, which is why you should spend this month working on your courage. Take some srs time out and practice self-love as this is gonna be your ticket to a smooth month. Got a project you keep putin’ off? Now’s not the time to question your confidence, boo! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there - you won’t regret it. If things have been a little tight lately regarding money, we’re pleased to say that according to Aries’s August horoscope, your finance forecast is set to improve! For single hunnies, be sure to welcome a pleasant change in your love life n’ you’ll be on for a good one!

Boss babe, who? When it comes to Taurus gals makin’ waves in their career, this month is for you! Whether you’ve been working towards that promotion or have finally bagged an interview for a new job, your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed - trust us. Curious to find out what your monthly horoscope is lookin’ like when it comes to seekin’ love? If you’re sick of swipin’ on Tinder, don’t give up yet, babe, as your august horoscope suggests it could prove to be a great month to start new romantic connections! If you’re feelin’ a bit of strain on your health, be sure to take a step back and don’t over-do it. August could be a good time to start meditation and channel those spiritual vibes.

Got the spending bug now lockdown’s over? Whilst you’re not gunna be strugglin’ for money this month, be mindful where you’re putting your cash, Gemini, even if that brand new gloss seems totally worth it! According to your monthly horoscope, relationships with family and friends are going to be boomin’ - yay. August will be a great opportunity to embrace your inner social butterfly and really put yourself out there, so say yes to that brunch! You’ll defo be feelin’ full of energy this month, so why not start a new fitness class or exercise regime? Pick up a new gym class with your bestie or head out on a long walk with your bae, it will help build connections and manifest good relationships!

This month is all about balance for you, Cancer! We know you’re probably takin’ on that extra bit of work RN - great, we love a girl boss - but be careful not to overwork yourself as this could prove tiresome and leave you feeling overwhelmed. That being said, your dedication will be recognised and we predict you’ll reap some srs rewards! When it comes to bookin’ that flight we say: GO FOR IT. Travel for professional reasons could prove profitable for you! Wanna know your love horoscope? If you’re in a committed relationship expect it to be a lil rocky, boo, as your August horoscope suggests this could be a rocky time for you and your partner! Communicate openly and honestly to really address any matters that are on your mind - you’ll be fine!

Wow, Leo, if we could picture the perf’ boss babe, it would be you! All that self-love you’ve been practicing throughout July is about to pay off some handsome rewards both in your career and personal life. Whether you’ve had your eyes set on a new breakthrough at work or are planning on starting a new project, you’re likely to be feeling super creative this month, boo! Been feelin’ sluggish lately? Don’t worry, doll, we predict August is a great month to start a fitness journey that’ll leave you feelin’ fresh n’ fierce! When it comes to travelling this month we have one piece of advice: save your pennies, babe! Whilst your finances may be lookin’ mega, travel is not predicted to be a particularly positive one, so take time off for essential trips only!

Miss Independent? Virgo, according to your monthly horoscope, August is set to be a good one! Remember those goals you set for yourself at the start of the year? Well, get ready for them to manifest. We predict that some of the personal goals you’ve been trying to achieve will come into fruition this month, leaving you feeling in charge of your own destiny! Whilst Virgo babes are romantic by heart - I mean, it’s hard not to be when you’re ruled by the planet of love - for single gals, your love horoscope suggests that this is not a good month to date! Be sure to watch out for the dreaded f*ck boys when it comes to swiping right on Tinder. Stick to building your social circle, getting together with family and saying yes to that extra cocktail - you deserve it go-getter!

Keen to find out what your Libra horoscope has in store for you this month? One word: THRIVING. For boss babes looking to further their career and increase their financial flow, based on your August horoscope, now is a great time to put in the effort and accept the rewards - we should warn you that they’ll be a lot! Stay focused and we predict you’ll be able to achieve whatever you want this month, Libra, but be careful not to wear yourself down. Make time to exercise this month, babe! Whether you prefer a daily walk with your besties or an online yoga sesh, practicing regular exercise will be important for your overall well-being. After all, a happy mind comes first! For wanderlusts, we have good news, doll! Your horoscope foretells August to be a good month for travel, so be sure to take that trip!

We hope you have your war paint on, Scorpio, as this month is gonna be a lil’ challenging for you! Being the boss babe you are, your professional life will consume most of your energy this month, boo. Whilst you’ll still have lots of chances to develop - with tons of personal goals and independent ambitions helping you reach your destiny by the end of the month - be sure to rely upon your friends and acquaintances when it comes to collaborating. You can expect career development and a favourable increase in money flow, but only if you put in the effort! Wanna know how your love horoscope is lookin’? Get ready to wear your heart on your sleeve, babe, because this month is gonna be filled with romance! Open up to your loved one and rekindle that fire, or upgrade your Tinder game and welcome new connections.

Patience is a virtue, and you’ll have to prove it this month, Sagittarius. Don’t worry though, your August horoscope is still gonna bang! Like Scorpio, you’re gonna be extra busy in the workplace, and less consumed by personal matters - which really isn’t a bad thing! As your family life is set to be thrivin’ this month, you can afford to take a backseat and simply enjoy spending time around your nearest and dearest. Got a long term bae? We predict a lotta love to be on this month’s feel forecast! Take some srs timeout by bookin’ a staycation and reconnecting on a deeper level, not only will this boost passion, but also increase romance between you and your lover. The key is not to control, but to allow things to materialise naturally!

We hope you’ve got your spiritual head on, Capricorn, as according to your August horoscope, this month is set to revolve around meditation and personal development. Whilst you’ll be working independently to improve your own prospects, be sure to take advantage of your social circle, and utilize contacts to help further your success. When it comes to your long term bae, expect a few hurdles. With Mars influencing Capricorn’s horoscope this month, you may come across a lil aggressive at times. Be sure to assert yourself with self-confidence and remain calm as this will help maintain positive relationships. If you’re hittin’ the dating scene, according to your horoscope 2020, it could be a good time to find a partner. Don’t go swipin’ right for just anyone though, boo!

Ready to hear how your month’s lookin’ according to your horoscope 2020? Well Aquarius, you’re gonna be mastering that work life balance with personal and professional factors dominating your attention; however, it may leave you feelin’ dissatisfied. Your relationships at work and with family may take a hit this month, which is why it’s super important to remain optimistic and accept the help of others as it’s gonna be hard to get your own way. Your partner is going be your hero this month, but be careful not to push them away by overwhelming them with your troubles. Be patient when it comes to making compromises and your love life will pick up by the end of the month! You’ve got this, babe!

Got your crown at the ready, Pisces? You should, babe! According to your Pisces horoscope, by the end of August you will have officially ruled this month like a true queen. You’ll be gettin’ closer to your friends and fam this month as get-togethers dominate much of your free time, ultimately boosting happiness in your relationships. You social circles could prove beneficial when it comes to helpin’ single Pisces babes find love, so be sure to say yes to that invite! You’ll have some sort of enlightenment when it comes to your career this month. Whether you’ve found a new vocation you wanna get into, or have a more defined career path, you’ll be feelin’ full of positivity this month! You go, girl boss!
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