Where To Get The Best Vietnamese Coffee In Manchester

Incase you didn’t already know, today is International Coffee Day (Oct 1st) so what better way to celebrate than with a Vietnamese coffee? We’ve listed four restaurants and cafes that serve the best Vietnamese coffee in Manchester to save your searching. If you’re a Vietnamese coffee novice, the thing that makes this particular drink so different to regular coffee is the type of milk used and the strength of the coffee beans.

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A traditional Vietnamese coffee uses Robusta beans that are slow dripped through a filter (known as a phin) over a small amount of condensed milk. This offsets the bitterness from the espresso producing a super sweet glass of Vietnamese coffee that you can enjoy hot or cold. Ditch your usual Starbucks this International Coffee Day and try something a little different!

Pho Cue - #1 for Vietnamese Coffee

The relatively new Pho Cue restaurant located in China Town serves Vietnamese iced coffee in a mason jar (bonus points for the metal straw too!). It’s pre-made in jugs throughout the day which should give you an indication for how popular this Vietnamese iced coffee is! Heads up - this is a very popular restaurant so try and book again to avoid the queues!

Ca Phe Viet - #2 for Vietnamese Coffee

If you’re wondering how to make Vietnamese coffee, you can buy everything you need from Ca Phe Viet to make your own. If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, don’t worry because they also serve ready made Vietnamese coffee.

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Viet Shack - #3 for Vietnamese Coffee

Viet Shack serves Vietnamese coffee cold or hot so you can see what takes your fancy. Alongside your coffee you can try their authentic Vietnamese dishes with a modern twist - oh, and it’s also extremely Instagram friendly, winner!

Viet Guy - #4 for Vietnamese Coffee

Viet Guy uses the finest Vietnamese coffee beans to bring you a coffee worth the trip out to Wythenshawe! If you don’t fancy Vietnamese coffee but you’re craving the food, Viet Guy has won plenty of awards so you’re in good hands.

Make the most of International Coffee Day and try out all of the Vietnamese coffee restaurants that Manchester has to offer!

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