Working From Home Tips For Mindfulness And Productivity

This year, adjusting to working from home has been a lifestyle change many of us have had to deal with, and to say it’s been easy, is well, debatable. According to stats, it’s believed that approx 60% of people living in the UK are currently working from home as a result of covid. And with winter closing in, bringing along its best friends 'early nights' and 'colder climates', working from the luxury of your garden enjoying a San Pelli is officially a thing of the past. But with lockdown 2.0 giving us a second chance to work on our work from home routine, not to mention the devastating rise in the number of mental health issues, we’ve put together a list of working from home tips to help you weather this sh*t storm mindfully and positively. Including some working from home tips on how to be productive at home, and working from home advice to help manage your headspace, we’re bringing you a round up of everything we learnt in the first lockdown and more. Check out our top tips perfect for if you’re adjusting to working from home (again).

1. Plan Your Day

Since we all began doing our jobs from home, we’re no longer in a routine of catching up with your work colleagues over the coffee machine, or enjoying the random chit chat that floats throughout the office, nor the lunch dates with said squad. Instead, we’re left with virtual conversations on the Whatsapp group chat and absolutely f*ck all to talk about - because who is actually doing anything worth talking about? One of our favourite tips for working from home is without doubt making a plan for the day. Write a checklist of things you need to do and actively cross those things off as you complete them as this will give you a sense of purpose. Creating short-term goals that are easily achievable will leave you feeling like you’ve actually done something - seriously.

2. Create a Workspace for WORKING

Whilst it’s obviously nice to enjoy a little bit of a lie in, get out of your bloody bed and set up a workspace dedicated to your job. It’s hard to compartmentalise and switch off when WFH, so being able to separate work from play is one of the best working from home tips for productivity. Creating work ‘triggers’ will not only will you feel more productive at work, but will also encourage you to dedicate time towards supporting your mental well-being. Get into the habit of finishing work when you leave your desk, just like you would in the office.

3. Get Out of the House

Even if it’s just for a little walk around your area! Whether you’re grabbing a takeaway coffee to support your local barista, or are taking the pooch out for a walk, getting out of the house will allow you to take a break from your no doubt hectic schedule. Fresh air is good for the soul, and it’s certainly, erm, fresh right now even if it is freezing! Wrap up in your waterproofs, throw on your fave hoodie, and simply enjoy being in the great outdoors - work can wait.

4. Catch Up With Colleagues

Whilst your work squad are not there to share every joke that pops into your head, be sure to have a catch up once or twice a week. It can be easy to forget where we belong when working from home has become a reality, but it’s important to remember you’re not, and never are, alone. Whether you’re meeting via zoom, collaborating on hangouts, or just fancy a little less professional conversation, staying in touch with your colleagues can remind you that you are a team and you are accountable. Everyone is going through a shared trauma right now, so you’ll probably even find that they have been struggling just as much as you!

5. Eat Well

Bare with me on this one. Eating well is good for your gut health, which is consequently good for your mood. Why? Because 95% of your serotonin is produced in your gastrointestinal tract. Enjoying fresh, unprocessed food can help minimise your risk of depression as it is less difficult to absorb and digest meaning they can improve your overall mood and energy levels. Check out our blog on easy vegan lunches to make whilst WFH.

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