Would you go braless with your white lace bodysuit long sleeve?

Would you go braless with your white lace bodysuit long sleeve?

White lace bodysuits long sleeve or short or sleeveless might be just what you needed to spend the whole summer with! White reminds many of us of summer and it is easy to match with other colors. So you don’t have to worry anymore about styling a white long sleeve bodysuit. Not only white, you can go with any other neutral color like a black lace bodysuit to style an amazingly easy-put look and still be flamboyantly dressed. Their flattering and sustainable shape lets you comfortably walk around and receive compliments. A black bodysuit with long sleeves is a good option for a day to night outfit. We’ve been digging up this gorgeous lifesaving one piece in other posts here in Femme Luxe’s blog, from talking about body types to best outfits to try. But today we are here with another question: Should we wear bras under bodysuit?

White lace bodysuit

Bodysuits take their roots from sport wears especially gymnastic and ballet leotards which are almost the same in looks. They were stepping into the fashion world by 1940’s and soon caught the eye of fashion magazine and the crowd due to their functionality and ease of pairing. As in today’s leotards it’s obvious to wear a bra under bodysuits if the support is needed. That is all the bra is about: support. But does bodysuit provide enough support to replaces bras?

Bodysuits became extremely popular in 70’s and worn both by men and women. Leotards, bodysuits, full bodysuits and cat suits were a dominant part of fashion maniacs’ wardrobes back then. Wearing leotard and tights were Jane Fonda’s favorite look. With the progression of textile technology and the rise of nylon and spandex, more quality bodysuits were produced that brought more fit and support for the body.

White lace bodysuit

Today we are provided with many types of bodysuits with different fabrics, different silhouettes and different forms. Some are used as lingerie (which are also known as teddy) some are smart options for going out at night (like a black lace bodysuit), some are simply suitable to be worn at work (like a white long sleeve bodysuit) and some are nice enough to be worn all day long (like a white lace bodysuit with long sleeves styled with a suit). A few years ago many of us were not brave enough to wear bodysuits as outer wears as we can see today on celebrities’ bodies. But it’s time for change ladies. But bodysuits are not underwear to take the place of bras. They are to be seen so why hide them under? Be brave and let them shine.

white lace bodysuit long sleeve

No wearing bras is not a question for those of use with smaller sizes who are used to not wearing bras generally with any other clothing. But for bigger bust sizes it’s a routine to wear your supporting friends every morning after stepping out of the shower without a second thought. This is quite the same with the bodysuit case. They might be deceiving you with tight and supportive look but I don’t think they have the same level of support as bras. Although they are types made out of supportive materials and more support in bust areas which allows going comfortably braless, in most cases we are not so lucky. While it’s good to get rid of your bra sometimes and free yourself we need a bit of support for our bust most of the times. If your bodysuit are revealing in parts that are covered with normal bras like those with plunge necklines or halter necks you can opt for backless bras or invisible straps or the adhesive bras which can bring more support for you. There are also nipple coverage stickers you can use when you are comfortable without a bra but are worried about your nipples popping out and making you embarrassed.

white lace bodysuit with long sleeves

I’m not suggesting you can’t ever go without bra under a bodysuit. In fact if your favourite one-piece is a white lace bodysuit with long sleeves like me then it’s time to give your bras a break. Long sleeve lace bodysuits provides an elegant look for summer and they can’t be better on the eye without bras. Still you should be careful about the coverage you got in the needed areas if you opt for one or something similar.

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