Get the best out of Casual maxi dresses

Get the best out of Casual maxi dresses

Casual maxi dresses are my favourite when the summer starts to heat things up. They come in different colours, they look good on you with any kind of bold prints that otherwise would make you look bulky and their breezy style is just cosy and summery. In fact I can’t think of a reason why not wearing maxi dresses as a summer day dress forever! Although there are many other types of other casual day dresses to wear in summer nothing can beat casual maxi dresses, why?

You can style your casual maxi dress in a variety of ways

Maxi dress as beach wear: nothing can really overtake a maxi dress coupled with flip flops in beach zone. Letting the wind through your dress and the flowy feeling of maxi dresses makes them perfect for beach times.

Casual maxi dresses

With high heels: why are heels so popular with maxi dresses? Because a maxi dress would hide them and makes you look taller. Either you are opting for casual look or not the right kind of heels makes your style perfect.

summer day dress

Wear them with sneakers: there are still people who can’t get rid of the long dress sandals combination for summer, but here we’re talking about comfort and what is more comfortable than sneakers? If long long walks are awaiting you either because you’re going to a summer trip or you just like going long distances on foot having a casual maxi dress paired with sneakers makes your look more fashionable and maintains through the walks. You can also style your summer dress in different ways in the trip.

Use a belt: in a recent post about maxi dresses we read about Bella Hadid’s white maxi dress but what is so especial about a plain white long dress? The details! Adding a pop of colour using a belt with high contrast in colour with the rest of your dress stops your dress from looking like a long box of colour. It’s trick to make your waist look narrower and makes a flattering silhouette.

Wear jeans with your casual maxi dress: no I don’t mean shirt dresses with jeans. Shirt dresses are nice options among summer dresses and we see a lot of them paired with jeans on boho street-style looks but here I am talking about that maxi dress you tossed at the back of your wardrobe because it started to look boring. Now do you want to follow the latest trends using that old maxi? Then start wearing blue jeans under it. All you need is a notable slit to let your jeans peek out. And don’t be scared to wear bold colour and prints. The dress over the jeans style is a bit tricky but believe me it is worth the effort.

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Wear sweaters over summer dresses: this one is a rather classical look: casual day dresses with sweaters for early fall or spring. But it can be adapted both with casual winter dresses and also summer dresses. A baggy sweater makes a summer day dress more casual and with a leather or denim jacket you can change to a sassier look. Even hoodies are the casual chic elements to be paired with casual day dresses.

casual day dresses

Pair it with a blazer: depending on the dress codes in your working environment, a structured blazer will make your maxi dress ready for work. The length of blazer is up to you but maxi dress with an above-the-knee length one is my favourite look.

Posh your style up with a trench coat over maxi dress: for a more reckless look let the trench coat open. A rather long trench coat helps the flowy look even more.

summer day dress

See how a casual maxi dress are beats any other summer day dress. They are no-brainer pieces but even with a little of effort your style is fashion-forward and chic. You can shop for cheap maxi dresses UK anytime and style it with other pieces in your wardrobe for comfy chic look.

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