Your Sex Toys and Your Partner are Better Together!

Using sex toys can be daunting, but once you’ve got the confidence to use them yourself, you might want to get your partner involved too! Introducing a sex toy into the bedroom can make sex even better, but it’s important to know how your partner feels as well as finding a toy that works for you both, so it’s important to have a conversation about what you want and how you want it to happen.

An open and honest conversation is key! But if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together a quick guide for how you can approach the topic of sex toys in the bedroom!


The most important thing about sex is communication, so when you want to tell your partner that you want to use sex toys for more than just a solo experience, make sure you fully explain how you feel and what you feel like you want to try.

Likewise, if your partner has come to you asking if they can introduce their toy as the third party, be completely honest about how you feel, and if you’re not sure, then ask for time to think about it. Now is the time to fully convey how you feel, because how else are you going to know how you both feel about this new experience?


If you’re leaning towards the idea of using sex toys, but feeling insecure about using them, you don’t need to be, it’s a fun way to spice things up and possibly make sex even better than it was before! But, it’s also important to reassure yourself or your partner that there’s no pressure to try something new! If you’re happy with how things are then leave it, maybe come back to it later, but if you’re not ready to switch up your sex life then that’s that, and that’s perfectly fine.

Shop Together

If you’ve had the conversation about sex toys and you’re both excited about it, great! It’s now time to shop, and it’s extremely important to find a sex toy that suits both of you, and is one you’re both comfortable using.

You can start off as simple as you want with a classic wand or bullet vibrator, but as long as you’re both happy with it then that’s the most important thing! As long as you accommodate each other whilst on your journey to find the perfect sex toy, you’ll be fine.

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