Your Ultimate Guide To Healing Crystals

Opt in on the trend that’s more than just pretty and top up your knowledge around these spiritual stones with our go-to healing crystals guide. It’s fair to say that healing crystals are becoming less of a niche; with tons of mega babes using energy crystals as a source of help when it comes to easing everyday struggles. But if you’re new to healing crystals, and are simply overwhelmed with the different types of crystals and their meanings, it can leave you feeling a lil confused! From how to use healing crystals if you’re a beginner, to finding the best healing crystals to suit your needs, we’re answering all your burning questions with our ultimate guide to healing crystals!

What Are Healing Crystals?

So what are healing crystals? Healing crystals are stones that have formed over thousands of years - yep, they’re that old - meaning they have a repeating structure that gives the crystals a ‘memory’. Because of this, crystals are able to hold onto powerful energy (mostly positive) and can basically provide you with a stable source of good vibes when you really need them! One of the most popular benefits of crystals is that they’re believed to be a natural form of therapy for helping to unblock energies that impact the mind and body. Pretty impressive, right, girl?

How Do Healing Crystals Work?

Healing stones and crystals work by unblocking and redirecting energies that may be negatively affecting your life. This means that they have the power to dispel bad vibrations by releasing positive and powerful energy at a high frequency. Because there’s a long list of crystals with varying crystal properties - you can read more about that later - it’s important to learn about healing crystals and their meanings in order to manifest your happiness goals. The types of crystals you need will depend entirely upon what it is you’re wanting to get out of it. Whether you’re wanting to eliminate negativity, or are searching for strength, then there are energy crystals just for that! Once you’ve selected the best healing crystals for what you’re trying to improve, it’s important to keep the crystal close in order to increase your chances of attracting whatever it is you want. For this, we encourage wearing crystal jewellery or stocking up on crystal tumble stones to keep on your desk.

From time to time, your crystal will naturally absorb some of the negative energy that we don’t even know we give off. To cleanse your crystal, you may bathe it in salt water or leave your healing crystals out to charge in the moonlight.

Different Types Of Crystals

When it comes to choosing the right crystal for you, then you'll need to get clued up on their powerful properties in order to connect mind, body and soul. Whether you’re looking to alleviate stress at work - we know life can be like that - or you simply need some positive inspo so you can hustle like a total #GirlBoss, you can find out which crystals you need right here! From the best crystals for strength, to the most popular crystals for negative energy, you can be sure to find your new spiritual sidekick! 

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